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    This Video Edit Of BTS's Jungkook Walking To Beyoncé's "Partition" Has Become A Relatable Meme

    "Julius Caesar walking into the senate not knowing that Brutus is about to betray him."

    This edited video of BTS's Jungkook walking to Beyoncé during a performance has become a meme.

    me walking up to the mcdonald’s counter when my order number is called

    It was created by 19-year-old Rachel Seah, a student from Singapore.

    Seah told BuzzFeed News she made the video because she wanted to see Jungkook strut to Beyoncé.

    over there i swear i saw them cameras flash

    She said Beyoncé's "Partition" is one of her favourite songs and she thought it would be cool to experiment editing using a new style of hers.

    What Seah didn't know is that her edit would go viral and end up as an empowering meme.

    perry the platypus on his way to get trapped by doofenshmirtz’ invention just to blow it up and escape everytime

    Seah said she's really happy about it becoming a meme.

    "The moment it started gaining traction as one, I had a lot of people tell me how much they really needed a laugh and that it made them smile," she said.

    "Despite the edit not being taken the way I intended for it to be, I’m just really happy that something so minuscule can have such a positive impact."

    Like fan fiction.

    y/n wearing a crop top on her way to throw her hair into a messy bun and find out her mom has sold her to one direction


    julius caesar walking into the senate not knowing that brutus is about to betray him

    Sailor Moon.

    Tuxedo Mask on his way to do absolutely nothing to help Sailor Moon and the sailor scouts.

    Seah said: "The responses have been great and it’s gone really far now. I’ve been tagged in tweets about it reaching communities outside of K-pop which is shocking to me."

    Me taking the register to the office in primary school

    She added that she's thankful that it has been received well.

    You can watch the performance the meme is from in full here.

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