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This Illustrator Created Coronavirus Travel Posters To Tell People To Stay Home, And Everyone Wants To Buy One

"Art to drive action 🎨✨."

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This is 48-year-old Jennifer Baer, a graphic designer and illustrator who works for NASA's Ames Research Center and is based in Palo Alto, California.

Baer told BuzzFeed News she created these coronavirus travel posters because she felt a sense of urgency to contribute and be part of the solution to the coronavirus outbreak.

She said she watched her peers rally for N95 masks and then remembered she had the ability to communicate using humour.

She said: "So I teased out the idea of all the fabulous places I could visit during lockdown. And, of course, added the toilet paper in for cultural perspective."

The posters have gone viral since she tweeted them. Baer said she has been overwhelmed by the response. She said: "J.K. Rowling retweeted the posters this morning. Who am I? Where am I? Is this real life?"

Hi. I designed some coronavirus travel posters for you. Stay the F* home. Love you all.

She said she tweeted the posters for her 200 followers and shared them with friends and family.

Baer said: "We’re grieving as a world, together. And we all grieve differently. I’ve never felt so connected to all of humanity while simultaneously closing myself off in my tiny apartment.

"I am thrilled these posters have found an audience on Twitter. My hope was to bring my concept to life through a quick study and then return to my regular 9–5 work, which is still on deadline."

People really loved her posters.

So after getting a little emotional watching a difficult conversation video these are some light relief - #stayathome #tourism https://t.co/xmWIk7stoP

Art to drive action 🎨✨🙌🏼 https://t.co/QL5W3us3oW

And due to popular demand you can now own your own poster for $11.99.