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    This Clip Of Jimin Is Getting A Mixed Response And BTS Fans Aren’t Happy

    "He's so ethereal that even his eyes are glistening."

    BTS's Jimin has gone viral for a video clip of him taken at a concert.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    The short clip, taken by fan site mochimin, currently has over 2 million views.

    he’s so ethereal that even his eyes are glimmering tf

    People who don't know Jimin or even K-pop are being introduced to him.

    i don't even listen to kpop but drop his name please i'm in love

    And they're stanning.

    i don’t listen to kpop and i don't know him, but he's fucking beautiful ???????????

    However, some people have said they don't like how "feminine" he looks in the video.

    Why K-Pop has Korean Men Wearing Makeup? Korean male beauty has, by any standard of judgement, taken on a distinctly effeminate quality! Are women truly infatuated by these feminine looking "men"?

    This Twitter user said that following their tweet, they had a debate with a friend about it.

    They said, "Despite of my lack of love for mens [sic] makeup, it's not up to me to stop a man from doing what he wants to do. They can do what they want, it’s just that I'm not at all attracted to these sort of men."

    I will never understand why women crush over these super feminine looking dudes. It's actually very weird and worrying

    And this user said, "It's just a joke/troll by me. Nothing more to it tbh."

    K-pop is so trash.

    This Twitter user also said he was trolling. He said, "I don't actually think that, I said it because I know how sensitive and obsessive BTS fans [are]."

    But fans clapped back.

    those annoying ass boys who calls kpop idols gay & feminine just because they wear makeup and have a really smooth skin, how about you start taking care of your hygiene so girls would want you.

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