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    This Woman Revealed She Was Pregnant And Her Husband Freaked Out With Joy

    Cutest reaction ever.

    Last week, 24-year-old Tania Perez-Gutierrez from Houston, Texas, revealed she was pregnant to her husband, Ronald Gutierrez.

    Cristina Perez

    Perez-Gutierrez covered up her positive pregnancy test results alongside a photo of the ultrasound on a bed and asked Gutierrez to come into the room.

    Cristina Perez

    Perez-Gutierrez filmed her husband's adorable reaction as he discovered the surprise.

    My brother in law's reaction to my sister's pregnancy is the cutest thing ever😭

    Her sister, 18-year-old Cristina Perez, uploaded the video to Twitter where it has been retweeted more than 6,000 times. She told BuzzFeed News she was really happy to see her brother-in-law react like that.

    Perez said: "I'm away from home because of school and when my sister sent the video it filled my body with goosebumps."

    She said her sister called her beforehand to brainstorm different ways of telling her husband.

    Perez said: "She wanted him to know right away so she decided to go to Walmart and to buy a baby toy and put the ultrasound pictures inside."

    Perez said the couple have been married since March and are now expecting their first child. 💗


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