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    Lucy Hale Has Apologised For Sharing A Photo Showing Off Her "Baby Hairs"

    Alternative facts.

    Lucy Hale was roasted on Twitter after posting this tweet celebrating her "baby hairs", which has since been deleted.

    this was the picture of lucy hale in case anyone missed it before it was deleted

    People were like, "What baby hairs?"

    @lucyhale You fraudulent because these hairs fully grown with a 401K and yell at kids to get them off their lawn

    They were honestly baffled.

    Yo what??????!!!!!!!!!!! | @lucyhale The time my baby hairs came to good use at a shoot 👊🏻

    And now they are calling her caption the "alternative facts" of baby hairs.

    Lucy hale presenting the alternative facts of baby hairs I see

    Hale apologised for the tweet and said she didn't mean to offend anyone.

    Sorry guys--I would never mean to offend anyone. Honestly, my bad. I wasn't thinking. ❤

    And then some people defended her, saying there was nothing to be sorry for.

    Lucy Hale had to apologise for this picture and caption. I am baffled, I understand why some people are so annoyed…

    @lucyhale you didn't do anything wrong. People just have too much time to whine about any little thing. Love you!😘