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Women Are Sharing Their Photos Of Domestic Violence In This Powerful Project

Ebony Malika told BuzzFeed News: “I just want people to understand they’re not alone." WARNING: Readers may find some of these images and text upsetting.

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Ebony Malika, a 21-year-old makeup artist from New Orleans, has channeled her experience as a domestic violence victim into a photo project.

Malika told BuzzFeed News that she was in a two-year relationship during which her partner subjected her to physical and mental abuse.

She said: "I loved that person very much, honestly more than myself at one point. And that's exactly where I went wrong."

Malika said that during the relationship she made herself believe that it was normal to argue and fight.

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She said: "I didn't have the understanding that if something is clearly and obviously unhealthy for us, we have to let it go no matter how much you love the person.

"The worst part about that relationship was the mental abuse that I was encountering. It really took a toll on my life, from school to my relationships with the people around me."

Malika said she knew that she needed to leave the relationship when she was physically abused and could not recognise the person she was.

Instagram: @laneslense

And she now wants to be a voice that spreads awareness as well as encouragement.

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She said she wanted to share not only her personal experience but the experience of millions of other women and men.

Instagram: @laneslense

People have been thanking Malika for her project and sharing stories about their experiences.

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Malika said: "Although it saddened me, the responses made me feel good as well. I'm thankful for the people that weren't afraid to be heard."

She added: "The most heartfelt responses are the personal testimonies that have been posted. Women (mainly) were posting pictures of their scars and bruises and sharing their stories."

Malika said she is elated by the support she has been receiving.

She said: "Those stories alone showed me that my mission had been accomplished. Domestic violence is a serious issue and no one should feel threatened by a person they love and trust."

The photos have since been shared and liked thousands of times.

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Malika said that she wanted people to understand that they are not alone.

She added: "We are much greater than domestic violence and whatever we go through."

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