This Korean Beauty Brand Has Apologised After People Accused It Of Making A Hand Appear Black

    "Is that hand wearing blackface..."

    South Korean beauty brand Stylenanda's makeup line 3CE has a nail polish range called "layering nail lacquer".

    These photos of the soft orange colour have been called out by people online because one of the hands in the pictures had apparently been made to appear darker.

    The palm looked particularly strange. The reason it's strange is because the palm is black, and that's not a thing that usually occurs in real life.

    So, naturally, people were suspicious.

    I think they just colored a pale hand & made it brown. That's why the brown hand's palm is also brown. & that's why that one pinky that's linked through the pale hand is light even tho it's attached to the brown hand. All this bad editing when they coulda just got a Black person

    Now, the webpage which hosted the images has been taken down.

    Some photos still appear to be on Stylenanda's Facebook pages, though.

    The photo has people checking their hands.

    @iconickbeauty me looking at my hand like...

    @smallfrrry @iconickbeauty I looked at my hand twice, turned the light on and off, and was so confused because who palm is the same color and the other side of they hand???!!!?

    I had to check my own palm to make sure I wasn't tripping lol

    It has left people confused.

    Is that hand wearing blackface...

    It took me so long why did it take me so long 😭

    Stylenanda has issued a statement to their Instagram page and said they are sorry for the upset caused.

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to the parent company of Stylenanda, L'Oréal.