15 Hijabi Cosplayers That Are Flawless

    These are just so badass.

    1. Now this is Maleficent.

    2. This Malaysian makeup artist does really dope cosplay.

    Here she is as Fionna the human.

    3. She's not the only dope Harley Quinn, this girl looks flawless.

    4. This is not your basic average girl.


    You can't stop her 'cause she's Kim Possible.

    5. Is there anything more badass than this Captain America?

    Facebook: HijabiHooligan

    6. Or this Captain America?

    7. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Hijabi Elsa meets mini Batgirl.

    8. Have you ever seen a Mulan like this before?

    9. A Slytherin pupil catching them all.

    10. Taking Darth Maul to another level.

    11. This lolita look is just amazing 👑.

    12. This princess Leia is SLAYING 👏.

    13. With her, Samurai Shodown would be so much better.

    14. This Konan look is just 🔥.

    15. This is fab 💅.

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