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Ten New And Returning Shows To Be Excited About This Fall

Because everyone needs something to tide them over until game of thrones returns. *Mild spoilers*

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1. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Last leaving off with Arrow, we don't know exactly how Ray is going to be different after his accident, which will be interesting to find out. Also bringing back villains from the CW's hit show The Flash doesn't hurt either!

Excited factor: 7/10

2. Hereos Reborn

For anyone who's seen the original Heroes, they know that season 1 was legendary. While the show had its faults in its later years, I'm hoping this reboot will make up for them and bring back fan favorite characters.

Excited factor: 9/10

3. American Horror Story: Hotel

AHS seasons 1 and 2 were some of the best storytelling seen on TV in recent years. While seasons 3 and 4 haven't exactly lived up to the hype, it will be interesting to see how the addition of Lady Gaga fits into the main cast. We will miss you Jessica Lange!

Excited factor: 6/10

4. The Muppets

Everyone's favorite muppets will be back on the screen this fall, with news that the show will be made more towards adults! This will be an interesting take on a childhood classic.

Excited factor: 8/10

6. The 100

While rumored to come back in either the fall or early 2016, the 100 is in my opinion, The CW's best show and one of the best shows on television today. When we last left the characters, many had drastically changed over the season, and many story lines were left up in the air.

Excited factor: 10/10

7. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has had it's ups and downs (especially this last season with a few choice major character deaths), but it definitely ended on a high note. Let's see what is next for our favorite gang of survivors.

Excited factor: 7/10

8. How To Get Away With Murder

The season finale gave some of the most jaw dropping twists and turns right until the very last second. How is it possible for this show to get even more shocking?

Excited factor: 10/10

9. The Flash

Season 1 was surprisingly good, with its light-hearted tone and humor. The death in the finale was a great twist, with the show ending on a cliffhanger. What is next for Barry?

Excited factor: 8/10

10. Arrow

Surprise! Another superhero show! Arrow has been a great show throughout all three seasons, even with a few tumbles towards the end of season 3. With Oliver driving off with Felicity into the sunset, the question arises--is the Arrow even coming back?

Excited factor: 10/10

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