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10 Social Media Mistakes You're Making And You Didn't Even Know It

We're all guilty of it and yet we do it all the time. Let's count down the top social media mistakes that millenials love to make.

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1. Whining

Nobody likes a whiner in person, much less on social media. I understand that we all have our bad days and want to express it to the world, but hold on to your keyboards because you might be ruining someone else's day. Remember that you often get back what you put out. So save the whining, nobody likes a negative nancy!

2. Airing out your dirty laundry

Alright, he might be a sucky person, but spare Twitter the details. Relationships are meant to be solely between two people. Not only do they reveal an unhappy home, but they also sell a bad image of yourself.

3. Chatting up a storm

Ever feel like you're talking to yourself online? That might mean that you have a serious case of chatty cathy. There's a thin line between annoying and entertaining, learn, love it, live it or expect your follower count to start dwindling.

5. Dogging your job

This goes hand in hand with whining. NO ONE CARES! We've all had that one job that we detest, but social media is the last place you should vent. For one, your profiles are public for the most part. The only thing worse than having a bad job is having no job. Keep your comments to yourself, or vent to a friend. Spare your social media friends.

9. Sounding fake or robotic

Does your Twitter personality match your day-to-day self? If you have to think about it, you're doing something wrong. People want to get to know you better, not your alter ego.

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