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The 10 Stages Of Post-Grad Grief

You've graduated, woo hoo! What now?

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1. You're officially done with school! 21+ years of time consuming, frustrating, somewhat pointless work has all led up to this moment.

2. Wait a minute, there has to be some sort of catch...

3. No, not at all. Just a pile of CV's and applications that await you.

4. 3-5 years for a entry-level position?!

5. No call back? That's fine, I didn't want the job anyways.

6. Family members begin the 'I told you so' speech

7. After about two weeks on the job hunt, you start growing grey hairs. Also known as the 'what am I doing wrong?' stage.

8. And just when you think you're about to lose it... The job offers start rolling in.

9. Your first real life job. You cannot contain your excitement!

10. One month in...

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