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You Might Be A Crazy Cat Lady If…

Several incidents of late have me worried I'm suffering symptoms of early on-set Crazy Cat Lady. What do you think?

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I present to you the evidence, and await your verdict with baited breath. Are these the innocent missteps of a slightly distracted cat lover, or signs of something more sinister?

Walking to work I noticed my summer dress had grayish tinge a few inches around the front hem. Upon taking a closer look I immediately identify the color as being the distinct shade of gray as my cat Petie. Seems he spent the winter rubbing up against it in my closet.

Preparing breakfast before work, I found myself pouring my Honey Bunches of Oats into a, wait for it…cat dish. Thankfully I noticed before pouring the Almond Milk. Mind you my bowls don't even share a cabinet with the cat-ware.

Cleaning the living room windows I'm frustrated at my inability to remove the streaks. I finally identify the culprit as the NOse Offense PETS Air & Fabric Odor Eliminator I was attempting to use in place of glass cleaner. In all fairness the bottles do look rather similar.

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