Open Casting Call For Kitty Hustler

You may have heard about the casting call to fill the role of “Cat” in the remake of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” but did you know Kitty Hustler had their own casting call recently? Take a look at what the cats dragged in.

I’m ready for my close-up. (Rena Henderson’s Audrey)

Am I doing this right? (Christina Pultrone’s Archella)

Is it sexy when I close my eyes like this? (Mike Bridavsky’s very own Lil Bub!)

I get paid first right? That’s why I brought my wallet. (Brook Smith’s cat Bub)

Get him off of me, he’s squishing me! (Mandy Porter’s cats Buddy and Horus)

Okay my socks are off, I’m ready to go. (Brooke Smith’s Flop)

Help, I’m stuck! (Deanna Stoker’s Rocco)

Is it sultry when I look off into the distance like this? (Kim Langone’s Dex)

Now what? (Jodi Ziskin’s cats Emma and Obi)

You want me to do what?! (Lu Anne Herman’s cat Sherlock)

Bring it on big boy. (Christina Pultrone’s Mandy)

Like this? (Melahn Cable’s cats Pepper and Pumpkin)

But I’m shy. (Katelyn Yates’ cat Penalty)

Amateurs! I’ll show ‘em how it’s done! (Deanna Stoker’s Rocco)

I feel a little strange with that girl cat in the box staring at me like that. (Feline Fancies’ Wilbur)

It drives the girls crazy when I do bunny paws. (Wendy Rolnicki’s Colby)

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