8 Signs You Know You’re From That Place Where You’re From

or wherever the nuts you’re from

1. You know what the bunghole is and you refuse to call it by it’s new name.

2. You know not to wait in this line

Because you know there is a second location and you know where it is.

3. You left out grapes for that llama and maybe even had a special name for it

And could never figure out where it came from!

4. This guy made your mornings!

Damn he had some crazy moves!

5. Shorts and a down jacket make total sense as a great pairing.

seriously, check our closets.

6. A typical wednesday night looked like this:

And thursday, and friday night, and saturday night…

7. You always have these on hand, even when you are out of town.

just in case!

8. And goddamn, you’ll never find a better tasting cinnamon roll.

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