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  • Goat in Mahoning County, OH Wants to Go to School

    Some kids love going to school. Others aren’t so excited at the prospect of sitting in a classroom and learning all day. There’s one “kid” in Mahoning County, Ohio, though, who can’t get enough of the school bus. At one particular stop, a small goat by the name of Nanny seems to think that she is going to school every time the bus pulls up. It’s hilarious to watch, because the goat just hops on the bus and runs to find a seat. The kids say that the best part of Nanny trying to hitch a ride comes when the bus driver has to catch her to get her off the bus. After the first or second time, don’t you think you’d ask the kid to keep the other kid locked up during pickup?

  • Man Paid Traffic Ticket With $56 in Pennies

    One New Jersey man let the county know exactly how he felt about his $56 traffic ticket. He wanted to pay his fine in cash, so he called to make sure that they accepted monetary payments and not just checks or credit cards. The courthouse said they did, so he went to the bank and took out the money that he needed, and proceeded on to the courthouse to pay his fine. When he arrived, however, his fine payment was denied. Why, you ask? Well, the spiteful man decided to show up with $56 in pennies. They were rolled, neatly placed in a line of 112 rolls of pennies, and yet the court didn’t see the humor in his intentions.

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