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Why Orson Welles Is The Greatest Person Who Ever Lived

Orson Welles had quite the prolific career as a filmmaker, actor, and all-around entertainer. Here are the reasons he's just the best.

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3. He wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the greatest movie of all time...when he was 26 years old. / Via

Citizen Kane is consistently ranked as the greatest movie of all time. He created this film when he was about 15 years younger than Ben Affleck is now. Yeah.


4. He sat next to Hitler and found him boring.

Welles was seated next to Adolf Hitler when the Nazis were just a "comical minority of nuts that nobody took seriously at all ... he made so little impression on me that I can't remember a second of it. He had no personality whatsoever," Welles says.

That's how cool Orson Welles was — he could insult the most villainous main of the 20th century by calling him boring.

6. He had a fistfight with Ernest Hemingway. / Via

Welles was recording the narration for a documentary on the Spanish Civil War that Hemingway helped write. At a screening for the film, Welles wanted to omit certain lines. Hemingway didn't. Hemingway threw some derogatory words Welles' way. Welles threw some back. And in front of the audience watching the documentary, the two legends got into a fistfight. Nobody won, and apparently they went out for whiskey later.

It's a shame there was never a Hemingway vs. Wells II at Madison Square Garden or in some back alley in Spain.

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