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    This Facial Cleanser Brush Is Perfect For A Lazy Foray Into Skin Care

    Vanity Planet's Ultimate Skin Spa Brush really did do that over and over again!

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    Psst! For Prime Day, this cleansing brush kit is on sale for $30.99!

    My mama blessed me with beautiful (brown) skin, but ever since I decided to deep dive into my makeup obsession, my face has occasionally been a member of pimple city. And ever since summer started, I've been on the excess oil struggle bus.

    Ignacia Fulcher / BuzzFeed

    Ah, look at that sweet, sweet oil on my face. Greasy AF.

    And to make matters WORSE, I'm horrible at keeping up a skincare routine. I mean, can you really blame me? When you're living that 9-to-5, on-the-go New York City life, it's hard to take some time for yourself and your skin.


    Let's toast to me and my trash skincare habits! *Clink Clink*

    Everything started to change once I tried out Vanity Planet's Ultimate Skin Spa System. It's under $40, and the set comes with three (count em', three!) different brush attachments that do amazing things to your skin.

    Vanity Planet

    There's a daily cleansing brush that's soft enough to use on your skin every day, especially when you want to get off all your makeup, an exfoliating brush that'll pick up all the dead skin your face just HAD to hold onto, and a silicone brush for all the sensitive skin babes who really want a clean face like the rest of modern society. It's even water-resistant and can be used in the shower, so you can save time by doing everything in one place!

    I started out with the silicone brush attachment because I literally can't read directions and the little ridges really do feel fucking AMAZING on my face. It wound up getting all the leftover foundation off of my skin!

    Vanity Planet

    No leftover foundation means less product buildup, and fewer whiteheads for ya girl!

    All you really have to do to get this thing to work are two AA batteries and your favorite facial cleanser. I prefer Too Cool For School Egg Mousse Soap, because it gives me the drama of suds while leaving my skin smooth as a baby's bottom.

    Ignacia Fulcher / BuzzFeed

    It has three speeds, depending on how hard you wanna go that day 😏. So if you want a deep clean, turn that thang all the way up and watch it work! Tell me the lazy gods didn't just drop it onto my lap and tell me I don't have any more excuses NOT to wash my face at night.

    Once my skin is super refreshed, I top everything off with my favorite toner and sheer SPF, Benefit Dream Screen, because sunscreen is paramount to great skin.

    I'm not saying I wound up being as happy as this lady after I used the brush, but I'm not NOT saying that, either.

    My skin was so clear the day after β€” so much so that I had to let everyone know just how cute I was feeling, so I'm pretty sure it works!

    Ignacia Fulcher / BuzzFeed

    And FYI, this is a rare moment where I decided to go foundation-free, just to prove to you guys that the brush truly did its thing! My skin isn't bothered!

    But if my boasting isn't enough to convince you, hundreds of people on Amazon are saying the same exact thing in their reviews:

    "Seriously everyone needs this brush! Especially if you wear makeup often because this brush does an awesome job at deep cleaning your pores and there's a big difference in my skin when I don't use it. My skin feels smoother and pores are less clogged!" β€”Ester Jeune

    "I've been using this brush for about four months now and my skin is doing great. I do not have sensitive skin. I do have quite oily skin and tend to get blocked pores. This brush has really helped me exfoliate and smooth out my skin." β€”ceilthegreat

    "This facial brush does what it says it would do. It's lightweight and easy to hold. It works great in and out of the shower. I use it twice a day and it leaves my skin feeling smooth. It helped my skin with the little white heads I use to get. The silicone brush is my favorite; it's great for removing makeup and has not stained at all. I like this the best because of the brushes that come with it." β€”MonaLisa

    Basically, if you want baby-soft skin without all the whiteheads and want skin care to actually be FUN, you should check out Vanity Planet's Spa Facial Brush β€” your face can only get cleaner from here!

    Shine basically means squeaky clean!

    Get the Ultimate Skin Spa System from Amazon for $30.99 (available in three colors) or Vanity Planet for $39.99 β€” but for Prime Day, you can score this for $30.99!

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