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    Here Are All The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

    We sorted through thousands and thousands of deals to find the ones that are actually worth buying.

    Amazon Prime Day, the day when Amazon posts more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME, is here!

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren't already, sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

    1. 50% off a Waterpik water flosser. You can practically hear your dentist begging you to buy this, can't you?

    2. Get Kindle Unlimited for three months for only $0.99 or Amazon Music for four months for only $0.99.

    3. 25% off (aka $100 off) this robotic vacuum that one of our writers (Kayla) is utterly and completely obsessed with (that's hers in the gif below)

    4. $30 off the Echo Spot — just say the magic word ("Alexa!") and it'll let you watch videos, see song lyrics and weather forecasts, read to-do and shopping lists, make video calls, and more (much, much more).

    5. Save 66% on Audible (getting 3 months for just $4.95 a month).

    6. 47% off a KitchenAid six-quart stand mixer.

    7. 71% off Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection. Yes, it still makes sense to buy DVDs if you really love a movie and/or tv show.

    8. Get $10 off Prime Pantry orders over $40 when you enter promo code PANTRY at checkout.

    9. 50% off a Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush (that dentist I mentioned earlier also wants you to buy this).

    10. Up to 30% off furniture and decor (if you're in a redecorating mood).

    11. 36% off Crest Whitestrips to give your teeth a summer makeover.

    12. 30% off a white noise machine that the woman in the picture below is using to drone out the sound of her companion's hideous snoring.

    13. 40% off "build-your-own" yoga leggings so your workout gear is practically custom made. Will this actually convince you to work out? I mean maybe. But it's a great start.

    14. 33% off Triangle by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen — it's quite literally one of my favorite picture books ever and I demand that you buy a copy.

    15. 20% off a comfy Tuft & Needle mattress (made from ~adaptive foam~, which is supposed to be more supportive than memory foam) that'll show up at your doorstep in a big ol' box.

    16. 40% off an Alexa-enabled Echo Dot. It does....a lot. A whole lot.

    17. Up to 50% off jeans.

    18. 35% off Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water (AKA a way to take off your makeup without taking off your skin).

    19. 30% off Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner so you can get ~the perfect cat eye~. At long last.

    20. Up to 30% off select Fisher-Price products.

    21. Get a $30 discount on your first AmazonFresh order with a free trial.

    22. 20% off plants and trees from Brussel's Bonsai to add some greenery to your home. If you're weirded out at the idea of ordering plants online, don't be! I ordered a plant from this seller on Amazon and it's been thriving for months!

    23. 35% off the Fujifilm INSTAX Share Smart Phone Printer because it's just so much more satisfying to *print* a picture rather than just adding it to Instagram.

    24. 54% off a one-year subscription to Norton Security Deluxe for five devices. Who wants viruses? No one. No one at all.

    25. 33% off a 40-inch Roku smart TV so you can easily switch between cable, your favorite streaming apps, and your video game consoles.

    26. 54% off an utterly gorgeous collection of Jane Austen novels (it includes Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Love and Friendship, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park).

    27. Up to 50% off men's and women's shoes and accessories.

    28. 33% off a Kindle Paperwhite with a battery that'll last you for w-e-e-k-s with just a single charge and a screen that won't glare even if it seems like the sun is sitting right on your shoulder 🌞.

    29. 30% off select Foreo products (including the Luna Mini 2 sonic cleansing and exfoliating brush, seen below).

    30. Up to 40% off Under Armour apparel, shoes, and accessories.

    31. 49% off Inspiralize Everything: An Apples-to-Zucchini Encyclopedia of Spiralizing.

    32. Maybelline's Summer Fundles (if you're a beauty-lover, you're going to want to get at least one of them).

    33. 30% off Olay Magenmasks Infusion if your skin is calling for some deep hydration.

    34. Up to 30% off everyday essentials by Amazon.

    35. 30% off a Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker so you can sing along to your favorite tunes in that terrible voice of yours wherever you go. Haunt people with your wailing in the woods! Haunt them at the seashore! Haunt them in an alley!

    36. $100 off the Echo Show (an Alexa-enabled video monitor that allows you to watch videos, make calls, listen to music, and more).

    37. 52% off a fruit-infusing water bottle because — let's face it — water is boring. It's dull as tombs and you need to let your taste buds live a little.

    38. Save over $70 on an Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker) — it'll help you make every meal you prepare *chef kisses fingers* delicious.

    39. Up to 50% off select picture books so you can fill up the shelf in little Ludo's bedroom.

    40. 27% off the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner if you want to clean while *also* feeling like you're holding some sort of weapon you'd find on a spaceship. Right? Right.