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    28 Super Cheap Products To Help Keep Your Apartment Organized

    If your space is a basically a heaping pile of dirty dishes, weeks-old clothes, stinky gym shoes and whatever else, plus you're broke, you should probably look at some cheap solutions. Cleaning your apartment is hard, spending money is harder.

    1. A stackable translucent container for any tea lover who wants to find the flavor they're feeling that morning without having to sort through 15 different containers.

    2. A kitchen utensil holder that'll make your counters pop and your drawers less cluttered.

    3. A hamper with a drawstring closure, because you can't stand when your dirty clothes decide to just jump for it when taking your items to the laundry.

    4. Or another, over-the-door hamper so you can always remember to throw your soiled underthings where they belong instead of leaving them on the floor.

    5. A hook board for hanging up any and everything in your entryway so your couches aren't filled with clutter.

    6. A stainless steel sponge caddy to keep your sponges dry until you're ready to use them. Mildew? You don't know her.

    7. A three-tiered, standalone spice rack so you'll be absolutely action-ready, especially when you need to add more flavor to your recipe super quickly.

    8. A nifty over-the-door file organizer with four whole compartments where you can put your loose papers.

    9. A clear cosmetic storage box to make your life and makeup game MUCH easier, since you'll know where everything is.

    10. A set of foldable drawer dividers, which probably won't fold your clothes for you, but it will make it so much simpler to section them off and put them away.

    11. An organizer rack that'll be able to hold at least five frying and saucepans, because storing them in the oven isn't ideal.

    12. A totally in-style industrial storage bin you can place in your artsy-fartsy room to hold your paints, brushes, and whatever else you'd need to complete a masterpiece.

    13. A wall-mounted key rack and mail holder so you'll never forget your house keys or those updates on just how much you owe for student loans (although you'd really like to forget).

    14. A pair of foldable storage containers you can insert in shelves or just place on your floor — wherever you want, really.

    15. A simple (and customizable) wooden desk organizer that'll sit right in front of your monitor and on top of your keyboard.

    16. A couch caddy so you won't ever have to do a deep dive into your cushions looking for the remote or your lost laptop.

    17. A handy tie rack so you won't have to store them all on a hanger in your closet, leaving them to fall to the floor and never to be seen again.

    18. A stackable can rack, because while canned goods are amazing, they take up so much room in your pantry you could be filling up with multiple containers of Nutella.

    19. A dish rack that'll have all of your plates and silverware dry without leaving wet spots on your counters.

    20. A shower caddy to keep you from tripping over all of the stray shampoo bottles on the side of the tub and breaking your neck.

    21. A set of floating shelves, because your books need to go somewhere that isn't your desk or next to your bed.

    22. A set of stick-on minimalistic coat hooks so all of your jackets can have a home that isn't the chair of doom.

    23. An ottoman with a sneaky compartment to hide your favorite pair of slippers from your doggo who just doesn't have any impulse control.

    24. A storage box that'll bring some sort of organization in your linen closet, so you won't have to take it apart every time you're looking for a matching pillowcase.

    25. An expandable under-the-sink rack can make it so much easier to place all your bathroom essentials, especially when it needs some spring cleaning.

    26. A shoe rack absolutely essential for keeping all of your sneakers and heels out of the hallway and underneath your bed so your house can at least APPEAR tidy.

    27. An over-the-cabinet hanger so all of your towels will be easily accessible, especially if you have a spill in the kitchen.

    28. And a storage bag for all of your old sweatshirts and sweaters to prepare for the upcoming spring weather and free some space from your cluttered drawers.

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