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    19 Subscription Boxes For People Who Love Their Dog More Than Life Itself

    As human beings we don't deserve dogs... so we buy things for them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. The products in Kai Krates are literally tested by a dog for your dog—can't get any better than that.

    2. Wigglebutt Box is perfect for all the hard chewers who just can't help breaking their toys.

    3. Sign up for BarkBox if you want to witness pure pup JOY!

    4. Got a baby pupper? PupBox will help you house-break the little dude!

    5. PawPack for all of the adventurous and inquisitive dogs out there.

    6. Get the Pet Pack to become the hero in your doggie's life—they'll thank you with kisses!

    7. For fancy AF puppers, try The Dapper Dog Box.

    8. Dog owners will adore the hand-picked products from Surprise My Pet.

    9. Surprise Pawty—because every day with your dog is an event, and this box will supply the fun.

    10. If you want US-made treats and toys, PupCrate's got what you need.

    11. Has your pup been a good boy? Daisy-Care will treat him to some yummy treats and toys!

    12. Smart and curious pooches will love Pawtyfun.

    13. What do you get the girl who has it all? Puptown-Girl Box is a start!

    14. Vain and fashionable pooches will appreciate Puppy Luv Club and their tailor-made clothes and trinkets.

    15. If your best friend suffers from allergies, Pooch Perks provides tons of sensitive options.

    16. If you want to get something special in the mail along with your pup, check out the Pet & People Parcel.

    17. Be the source of your dog's happiness (and new toys!) with PupJoy.

    18. Bully Bundles are for all the pups who LOVE. TO. CHEW.

    19. And if you want your pet to love all the crazy geeky things that you do, give Loot Pets a try!