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    21 Products That'll Make Your Old Things Look Like New Again

    Don't throw away your old shit when you can (easily) fix it!

    1. A headlight restoring kit that'll ~brighten~ the lens of your car so you can see better at night and have your hooptie actually pass inspection.

    2. A bottle of Old English wood polish to cover up deep scratches in your dining room table or refurbish your front door that's seen better weather.

    3. Bar Keeper's Friend, a nifty cleanser for getting really tough stains out of your pots and pans without actually damaging the so-called stainless steel.

    4. A pack of foaming Magic Erasers made with durafoam so you can get to fucking scrubbing your bathtub and make it look like you just got it installed — the stains just fade away.

    5. A bottle of rim spray that'll melt away all the salt and grime of winter so your wheels can shine like the sun during the utter warmth of summer.

    6. A jean button replacement kit with a twist application so you can finally break out your favorite pair of dungarees now that they're able to fasten again!

    7. A non-toxic carpet cleaner and deodorizer that'll return your carpet to its former magical state while removing the smell of your dog's pee that ruined it in the first place.

    8. A jar of Weiman silver polish wipes to truly transform your old and rusted fine jewelry or silverware back to their bougie beginnings!

    9. An all-natural stain remover that'll get those hot sauce stains out of your favorite T-shirt so you don't have to spend coin on a new one.

    10. A pack of (reusable) watermark remover cloths to wipe away the massive water and heat stains from that hot cup of tea you just HAD to put down on the table without a fucking coaster!

    11. An electric pressure washer for getting all the dirt and grime off of your driveway, your patio, and the side of your house without batting an eyelash.

    12. A handy fabric steamer that'll get all of the bunched up wrinkles out of that dress that was on the floor for 500 years, making it presentable for any occasion.

    13. A bottle of liquid fabric dye for getting your (now) grey jeans back to the true black of yesteryear.

    14. A wood polish and conditioner that'll have your grandmother's old-ass chair from 1984 shine brighter than a diamond.

    15. A container of OxiClean for getting stains out of your mattress, because you really would like to keep your warranty and not have people thinking you're an actual serial killer.

    16. A container of fabric glue to make quick alterations and repairs on rips you just aren't able to sew back together.

    17. A wine stain remover for those times when you get a little too tipsy at girls' night and spill a glass of red on your white carpet. It happens to the best of us, and you can even wait until you're all sobered up since it even works on dried stains!

    18. Foaming sneaker cleaner with a built-in scrubber to get your favorite sneakers back in working condition and NOT like you've been kicking dirt in the Sahara for a living.

    19. Grandma's Secret, a spot remover totally grandparent-approved to get out your little one's latest artistic venture on a canvas that wasn't the construction paper you bought.

    20. A set of stainless steel underwires for saving your favorite bra in the whole wide world, because broken metal won't end the relationship you've got going.

    21. A set of cool blue doorknobs to add to old furniture for a little pop of color and personality, especially if you've moved so many times that you've lost a couple. We've all been there.

    Brand spanking new!

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