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    38 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A sloth skirt, tree spirits, a desk organizer, and 35 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    1. An awesome pluto T-shirt to constantly remind everyone of a time when there were nine planets, not eight!

    2. A cute maxi dress you can wear almost anywhere, but most importantly – it has pockets!

    3. A pair of cat-eye shades to fashionably protect your eyes from the sun.

    4. An incredibly useful flat iron with ionic technology that'll give you amazing shiny waves and curls by locking in moisture for your sensitive hair shafts.

    5. A leave-in conditioner like TIGI Bed Head Ego Boost that'll repair your dry, heat damaged hair by providing much-needed moisture to your split ends.

    6. A long-sleeve tunic to get ready for the glorious, cozy-ass sweater weather of autumn.

    7. A set of bright and happy fine-point markers that'll be perfect for writing goals in your bullet journal.

    8. A simple, elegant pendant necklace just perfect to wear on those days when you wanna look fancy AF.

    9. A water-based facial cleanser for all of the sweet babes with sensitive skin looking for some fucking relief from breakouts.

    10. A pair of pan scrapers to remove hard-to-reach food particles scouring pads just can't get to.

    11. A weirdly comfortable and effective bra that can hold your boobs way high in the sky without slipping when a strapless dress starts to call your name.

    12. A set of adorable floral pencil cases to hold all of your writing utensils whenever you decide to make it to lecture.

    13. A really attractive set of synthetic, rose-gold, eyeshadow brushes so your eye makeup game can be on one hundred.

    14. A pretty, wireless mouse totally compatible with whatever operating system you prefer.

    15. A set of elusive tree spirits that can either decorate your desk or protect your plants. They even glow in the dark!

    16. A compact travel bag to discreetly organize all of your electronic cables, which means no more spontaneous shorts on your phone charger. Thank goodness.

    17. A lightweight kimono cardigan you can wear as a bathing suit cover-up or as a pop of flavor when paired with jeans and a T-shirt. Versatility!

    18. A drop pendant necklace designed to dress up all of your casual outfits without doing a damn thing.

    19. An incredible (and portable) fabric shaver that will keep all of your outfits looking brand spanking new!

    20. A floral laptop bag absolutely up for the task of protecting your precious inanimate baby and link to the internet as we know it.

    21. An adjustable leather belt to marvelously style your outfit in so many different ways.

    22. A sexy-ass bodycon dress for when you're honestly feeling yourself and want everyone to know it.

    23. Dry shampoo to clean your dirty hair and can restore it to its former glory when you don't have the time to treat yourself to a good lather and condition. *Without* leaving that horrible white residue because, ew.

    24. A black and gold watch with a minimalistic face you probably can't tell time with, but it looks so good on your wrist that it really won't matter.

    25. A pair of classic ballet flats to wear when you're tired of wearing heels. Your feet honestly need a fucking break, anyway.

    26. A trendy AF peplum jacket that would probably make Ms. Olivia Pope super jealous.

    27. An especially soft suede cap to finish off any cool outfit you had in mind. Dad caps aren't just for your dad, you know.

    28. A convenient cord organizer so tangled wires won't be a fucking nuisance anymore.

    29. An iPhone 7 splitter to allow you to charge your phone while also listening to music at the same time, because multitasking is the name of the game.

    30. An easy grip jar opener so you don't have to ask anyone to use their extra strength to get the salsa open...because you're independent, goddammit!

    31. A super strong magnetic key holder that can easily hold batches of keys so you won't have wonder if they're lost or not.

    32. A weekly desk planner so you won't forget that really, really important meeting you have to go to, but are secretly hoping it gets cancelled.

    33. A universal note-taking notebook that can help you get your thoughts in working (and reading) order.

    34. A handheld staple-free stapler to keep all of your thesis papers together before you hand it off to your professor.... who still wants hard copies even though we're in 2017.

    35. A delightful cat ear headband that will help pull your hair back when you start your absolutely meticulous face cleansing routine.

    36. A batch of Aunt Frannie's Fly Punch to prove you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. It just so happens these flies will die a slow and horrible death, but at least they won't eat your fruit and be a general nuisance anymore?

    37. An adorable sloth skirt that looks so good almost everyone will ask where you got it from.

    38. An under-eye mask with added collagen and green tea extract to help lift dark circles around your eyes because you were up too late living the club life.

    Nothing like going shopping and rolling with the homies!

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.