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Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently trending. This week: a mini barbecue, an avocado knife and a book on modern romance.

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Amazon has a list of products called "Movers and Shakers," which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

1. A skin-brightening face mask partly made of 24K gold. Sounds luxurious!,

Promising Review: "I can't say enough wonderful things about this product! The whole family uses it, my mother for wrinkles and my teenagers for their breakouts. It's easy to use, and our skin feels fantastic afterward." –Bri

Price: $24.50


2. This portable barbecue, so you can grill literally anywhere. The possibilities are endless.

Promising Review: "I got this grill for a road trip across the country. It is compact and effective. It was big enough to barbecue enough food to feed four ravenous travelers!" –Cole

Price: $29.99

3. These Star Wars silicone molds perfect for delicious chocolate or unique ice cubes. May the force be with you!

Promising Review: "These molds were amazing! I love the detail. I used them to make chocolates to top some Star Wars cupcakes on May the 4th. For cupcake toppers, they are a bit chunky, but no one seemed to mind!" –patti

Price: $18.99

4. Modern Romance—Aziz Ansari's surprisingly thoughtful (and funny) analysis on the quirkiness of dating in the age of social media.

Promising Review: "The great thing about this book is that it is written by a comedian who takes any chance he can get to throw in a joke or lighten the mood. If you’re a fan of Aziz’s stand up, or his show Master of None, I bet you will enjoy reading this book. Even if you are not a fan of or have never heard of Aziz, this book offers accurate and useful information for anyone dealing with the struggles of modern romance. This could also be an enjoyable read for someone not currently involved with modern romance, but has a desire to learn about the process in a fun and easy-going way." –Nick Sneider

Price: $10.54 (also available on Kindle).

5. This convenient salad spinner that'll make tossing salads so much easier.,

Promising Review: "I never heard of these before my wife asked me to get one. It makes salad prep so much easier. Even 'pre-washed' salad mixes are suggested to rinse before use. You can even store the salad in the fridge for a while and the internal strainer might even work for macaroni. Now I'm hungry." –Steve-o LoBue

Price: $29.74


6. A pair of sparkling crystals to make your feet look cute af on the beach!,

Promising Review: "These are beautiful! I got them for a bride having a beach wedding. They were so pretty I got another five pairs for my girls when we go to the beach on our family vacation!" –DB57

Price: $13.98

7. A dead sea mud mask that'll cleanse your face while leaving it soft and supple.,

Promising Review: "I am naturally wary of all skin care products because there are lots of grand claims, but few products do anything for my acne-prone skin. I like the immediately visible results of this mask – as it dries, I can see the dots across my nose and chin where the mud mask draws the excess oil out of my pores, (I know, ew). It leaves my skin feeling softer and hydrated." –Shula

Price: $14.95

8. A simple, effective, and sturdy bubble umbrella that would make Gene Kelly jealous.,

Promising Review: "I used this today in gusty winds and rain. El Niño arrived to So Cal yesterday, so we haven't seen this much rain in years! I can say that this really held up well. The bubble shade creates a shield around me, I really like this concept. The only problem is that the umbrella makes me feel like a horrible person because I cannot offer to shield anyone else from the rain." –Ellie

Price: $26 (available in various patterns and colors).

9. A mini drum set for your little Phil Collins in the making. It's never too early to introduce your kid to the magic of music.,

Promising Review: "This is a fantastic drum. It's a good size and has a cute design. The drum has a really good sound to it. I've been really impressed with its durability because my son has really put it to the test. He's sat on it without damaging it at all!" –HappilyEverAfter

Price: $32.99


10. This safe slicer to make hurting yourself while prying open an avocado for some tasty avocado toast a thing of the past.

Promising Review: "So, if you're like me, cutting avocados can be a scary process. I sliced the side of my thumb a few years ago trying to get the pit out of my breakfast avocado, and was terrified to touch another one! Five stitches and a few months later I was itching for some avocado. I couldn't look at one without getting the shivers until I found this beauty! This handy little tool is a lifesaver, it works like a dream! I have never been so happy to see an avocado again after finding this tool. It is cheap and so worth investing in my safety." –Chelsea

Price: $9.95

11. Silicone nipple cover-ups so you don't have to worry about being cold or having a dreaded nip slip ever again.,

Promising Review: "I wore these under a backless formal dress for a military banquet and they were great. They stayed on the whole night, basically felt like nothing, and made it so I didn't have nips sticking out. I have nipple piercings and they completely covered those too, and when I took them off didn't irritate my piercings whatsoever. I also have very sensitive skin that has allergic reactions to the adhesives on most band-aids, and had no problem with these." –Nika

Price: $11.45

12. Eye cream for anyone with under-eye circles: it can facilitate a more even skin tone with the help of Vitamin E and hibiscus extract.,

Promising Review: "This is a great product, I love that it's fragrance free! The cream does help reduce the puffiness and dark circles on my eyes. It does apply a little heavy, so use small dots and apply more if needed." –Sandy

Price: $16.99

13. Transparent cases—they don't have to be boring, especially if they're decorated with intricate floral patterns.

Promising Review: "This case is beautiful, as well as great protection. It has already been tested by my two-year-old, who got a hold of my phone and slammed it onto our tile floor. Not a scratch, chip or crack to my phone or the case. I also have gotten compliments on it, which I've never had before!" –A. Elizabeth

Price: $14.99 (compatible with the iPhone 7).


14. A pair of collapsible water bowls for the cute and thirsty pupper in your life.,

Promising Review: "It's such a simple idea, but these are great to have. I love how easy they are to carry around. I drink a lot of bottled water, so it's easy to just pop one up, pour some into it so my dog can drink too and then just dump out the water when he's done. I keep one in the car and the other in my dog-walk bag!" –ImBradW

Price: $6.88

15. The Fifth Element—it has the perfect amount of action, drama, and futuristic looks to define it as one of the best cult classics, hands down.

Promising Review: "The Fifth Element is easily one of my favorite movies ever! It’s a zany, exhilarating, sci-fi adventure movie about hope, love, and overcoming evil to save the universe. It has a slew of highly memorable and quotable characters, which makes it one of my desert island movies – I can happily watch it any time." –John's Horror Corner

Price: $8

16. A dainty Hello Kitty camera that'll make capturing instant memories totally possible.,

Promising Review: "I thought this camera was very cute so I picked it up for my girlfriend. I have the old model as well, but this new model is much better because it has limited edition accessories. It comes with special Hello Kitty film that is only available with this camera, stickers, and a shoulder strap. On the lower back of the camera, a small circle displays the number of film you still have left to shoot. This new model also comes with an extra mode thats perfect for selfies!" –Kevin O.

Price: $68


18. A soft, stretchy, and comfortable T-shirt dress that's ideal for casual days lounging in the park.,

Promising Review: "This is a great dress! It is long enough that you wouldn't need to wear leggings with it if you didn't want too. The fabric is thick enough, so not too see through which is great. If it is any indication on how well I liked it, I bought another one in a different color after receiving this one!" –TLSmile

Price: $9.98+ (available in green, blue, purple, pink, and other colors, sizes S-XL).

19. The Brave Little Toaster—the most adorable, heartbreaking movie... it will definitely make you shed a couple of tears.

Promising Review: "My husband loved this movie when he was a kid, and he actually requested that we ask 'Santa' to give it to one of our kids for Christmas. It is a sweet story about several household appliances that go searching for their owner after being abandoned. As the title implies, they are led by a very brave little toaster. My children and husband really enjoy this film." –Erin DeGroot

Price: $5.99

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