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    23 Inexpensive Necklaces You'll Want To Wear With Everything

    Not all of us can afford bling like Elizabeth Taylor, so we adjust.

    1. If you love the beach and secretly love Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants, you should probably get this life-changing necklace.

    2. Who doesn't love elephants? They're opulent and intelligent as hell, and now you can have one on your neck!

    3. Go back in time and punch Draco Malfoy in the face with this Harry Potter inspired time turner necklace. Or you can go back and study for that test you bombed, whatever.

    4. Flamingos are so majestic and you will be too if you put this on!

    5. Do you just LOVE music and have to let everyone know?! Maybe a treble clef necklace will make a statement.

    6. Shine on and be the star you were meant to be with this pendant that'll sit cutely on your neck.

    7. Sometimes you just need positive affirmation and you want your jewelry to reflect that. If you don't believe in yourself, who will?

    8. If your aesthetic is simple and sexy, this velvet choker will achieve that effectively.

    9. This rose quartz teardrop necklace will almost make you cry because of how beautiful it is. So pink, so pure. You might just die of happiness.

    10. Why choose between a choker and a lariat when you can have both (and then some) with cute bead inlays?

    11. Get tropical as all hell with a palm tree necklace. I'm dreaming of piña coladas as I type this.

    12. Sometimes you just need something fresh and dope as hell and this snake chain has those qualities in spades.

    13. Who doesn't want a cute-ass fox hanging from their neck? He looks so content hanging there.

    14. For everyone who is fancy af, this drop necklace should fit your style. Elegant as hell.

    15. With this deer choker you'll literally always have Bambi with you, that is if you name him "Bambi".

    16. This classic rope chain will go with basically everything.

    17. Chains! Chains everywhere. Be over the top, someone has to be!

    18. Embrace your inner rock star with leather chokers that would make Slash proud!

    19. Who needs to watch Jurassic Park when you can go back to the actual Jurassic Period with this T-Rex necklace?

    20. Have the whole world around your neck with this globe trinket. Kind of makes you want to travel, maybe find a hidden treasure?

    21. If you have a picture that you'd like to keep safe, this locket pendant will do it for you. Maybe a bomb selfie that you wanna look at constantly.

    22. This moon necklace looks witchy af, make some magic with it.

    23. Why settle for one when you can have TWO chain choker necklaces that you can wear together or apart? The possibilities are ENDLESS.

    Reviews here have been edited for length and/or clarity.