Top 5 “Beyonce Derp Meme” Images

Beyonce’s performance in the Super Bowl led to several unflattering images on the Internet, one of which went viral despite her publicist wanting it removed from the Internet. One does not simply remove an image from the Internet. Rather than disappear, the meme has morphed and spread very quickly. Below are five of the best Beyonce Derp Meme photos. Enjoy.

5. Beyonce the Night Elf

To paraphrase a citizen of Middle Earth, one does not simply remove a meme from the Internet.

4. Beyonce Does Windows

If you like it, then put Windex on it.

3. Beyonce, SMASH!

Not sure if She-Hulk or Elphaba from Wicked…

2. Beyonce Rocks!

Keep on rockin’ in the free world, Beyonce! The Internet loves you!!

1. Beyonce, do u even lift?

Cool story, bro: Beyonce does dead lifts at the Olympic level.

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