7 Family Events You Wished You Were A Cosby For

We’ve all had those moments where we’re watching the Cosby’s and wished we were in on the fun!

1. Frugal Shopping

Gordon Gartrell x Denise Huxtable. Theo, you can still be mine, one sleeve or not!

2. Family Additions

Who doesn’t want to hang out with Cliff and the twins, wearing cool sweaters and plotting family sing alongs?

3. Family Sing Alongs

That time Rudy KILLED Ray Charles and we all learned the back up dancers’ coordination just in case they ever needed extras

4. Sleepovers

I’d give up all my ring pops to attend a Cosby sleepover with these crazy kids!

5. Music Class

Remember that time they just like…hung out with Stevie Wonder? NBD

6. Best Friend Quality Time

Bud always dropping knowledge on behalf of his mysterious (and probably lonely) older bro!

7. Crazy Kids

That 4 Year Old niece,nephew,cousin that feels they’ve seen it all in their 48 months of life!

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