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    • idw

      But isn’t that the whole idea behind the Fox credo? To encourage blind argument, not discussion. To foster biased judgment instead of intelligent discourse. To fan the flames of hatred instead of promoting understanding. This isn’t news, people; it’s twisted propaganda with a terrible, soul-killing bias. It’s dragging down an entire population … dumbing down a generation of young people who buy into it.  Who profits from this kind of bias? Isn’t that the question? Who stands to gain from this twisted and limited view of the world? Find the answer to that question and you’ll begin to reveal the hidden agenda that’s been there all along. It’s all about control … and there’s no better way to gain control than to play up FEAR. But that’s what terrorists do, isn’t it? Play to our fears? Make us react out of dread … so that calm rationality goes out the window. Fox lives off of that kind of ignorant fear-based rhetoric. It only stirs the pot of bigotry and prejudice. Enough! Please. This nation has had enough. It’s NOT about differences; it’s about commonalities … synergy … interdependence. It’s about what draws us together as one universal family on a globe that grows smaller every day. It’s about learning to let love lead again … to reach out to our fellow men with some degree of compassionate understanding. To communicate. It’s about surmounting barriers and bringing down walls. It’s about opening our hearts and souls to what is best in the human race. Please. Before it’s too late. Before the bigotry and hatred become so fixed and entrenched that they can’t be erased without some sort of violent revolution. We HAVE to work to be the best we can be for fear of being anything less. Future generations deserve something better than our excuses and mere moans.  Our wish should ever be to add some measure of grace to this world.

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