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Three "No"s To Help With Self-Control.

A list of "no"s. Tempted by something? You came to right place.

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2. No.

You're better than this. You're sexy. Yes, I mean that in the creepy way. No one that sexy should have to give in to anything. Only non-sexy people lack self control. Are you a non-sexy? I think we established you aren't, and you are in fact sexy. So, yeah. Don't do it, sexy.

3. No.

You can be the ruler of Earth one day, or anything else you want to do. But not if you do that. If you do it, a panda cries. Also: A dog, who met a turtle outside becomes friends with that turtle, shares adventures with that turtle, is forced to move away from his best friend turtle. They can only be reunited if you don't do it.

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