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14 Realities People With Opposite Sex BFFs Know To Be True

Truths universally acknowledged by platonic opposite gender BFFs.

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1. Everyone immediately assumes that you're dating.

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"Wait OMG are you dating?!? Ugh, you two would be so cute together."

2. "But you've dated before, right?"

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No. We're not dating now, we've never dated before, and—wait, why am I even explaining this to you??

3. "If neither of you are married by 35, will you get married then?"

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4. "But you totally think they're cute, right?"

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A) Why does that even matter? B) Are you even listening to me? WE'RE NOT DATING. C) Okay, yes, but that's because it's in my job description as BFF to think that. Duh.

5. People assume you know everything about each other's love lives.

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DEAR GOD NO! We've been friends since we were nine, which makes him essentially my brother. Do YOU ask YOUR brother about his sex life??

6. Of course, sometimes you do because obviously you go to your BFF for important advice.

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7. Meeting their significant other can be a little awkward.

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SO: Are you sure you're just friends? If you weren't you'd tell me, right?

Me: *screaming internally*

8. But you're confident enough in your friendship that you get over it quickly.

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9. When one or both of you has an androgynous name and new people expect you to be the same gender, but then your friend shows up and is all

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Me: Everybody, this is my best friend Sam.

Everybody: *stunned silence*

10. And despite everything, watching people react IS kind of funny.

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Silly ignorant fools.

11. Besides, you learned what to say to the haters long ago.


You know they're just jealous anyway.

12. Because honestly, who really even cares?

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13. Your BFF is better than anyone else's...

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14. And you would never have it any other way.

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