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    19 Things All Children Of Deaf Adults Are Tired Of Hearing

    "When people yawn, do Deaf people think they are yelling?"

    1. "Wow, so your parents can understand Braille?"

    2. "I had a Deaf dog once."

    3. "How do you swear in Sign Language?"

    4. "Your mom can't drive if she's Deaf, right?"

    5. "What does this mean in Sign Language?" *waves hands around*

    6. "Just call your mom!"

    7. "Wait, so you can read my lips?! What am I saying now?"

    8. "How about now?"

    9. "Your dad's not really Deaf, he wears hearing aids."

    10. "When people yawn, do Deaf people think they're yelling?"


    12. "Look, I can sign my name!"

    13. "Wait, your dad can hear music?! I thought he was Deaf?"

    14. "Your parents don't look Deaf?"

    15. Telesales person: "Can I speak to the homeowner?" You: "Sorry no, the homeowner is Deaf." Telesales Person: "OK, if you tell him to give me a call back..."

    16. "So your parents are death?"

    17. "You're bilingual? But Sign Language isn't, like, a real language though..."

    18. "Your parents are Deaf?! That's so not cool...but...."

    19. "I wish I knew Sign Language."