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9 Types Of People At Exam

Good luck.

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1. The one, who knows everything, but acts like he doesn’t

2. The one,who knows everything and helps everybody, but panics, because forgets to write his own paper

3. The one who doesn’t know s*it and just waits for the hour to end

4. The popular one who doesn’t know s*it and still gets better grade than the nerds, because everybody love him

5. The weirdo who knows half of the test and rewrites the other one by the nerd, who thinks that they’re friends

6. The one who complaints about the other ones helping each other, because clearly he doesn’t have any friends in this class

7. The teacher’s favorite, who doesn’t know a lot, and still gets higher grade, because again – he’s the teacher’s favorite

8. The one who doesn’t give a shit about his grade, doesn’t help anybody and just listens to music on his headphones

9. The one who tells everybody the wrong answers and gets a D, because KARMA

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