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    9 Perks Of Living On The First Floor

    Sometimes, elevators just suck. There are many reasons why living on the first floor is the best. Here are a handful.

    1. No dealing with "Elevator Rush Hour." / Via

    Remember that rush after school? Yeah...Worst. Ever. You could count on missing two or three elevators before being able to get on. And when you finally did, the elevator would still be packed (Even when you tried to be sneaky by grabbing it from the second or third floor).

    2. You don't have to hold in your pee for too long.


    For some reason, when you have to use the washroom, you have to go even worse when you're almost home. You can avoid damaging your kidneys by living on the first floor.

    3. You can make quick escapes from your balcony. / Via

    Because using the door is just too mainstream...

    4. No awkward elevator conversations.


    "It's freezing out today!" "Yeah..." It's January. Welcome to Canada...

    5. When there's a blackout, you don't have to worry about taking the stairs.


    Because you get enough exercise as it is...right?

    6. You're friends can't lie to you about being outside. / Via

    Because you live right there. Plus, if they still lie, you don't have to go "all the way back up."

    7. If you forget something, it's easy to go back and get it. / Via

    Keys, wallet, phone...

    8. It's easy to avoid seeing someone you don't like in the lobby. / Via

    Just another awkward conversation...

    9. You're the first one to the ice cream truck. / Via

    No more chasing the ice cream truck or attempting to run down the stairs, because you thought it'd be faster.