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13 GIFs That All Dog Lovers Will Love

Pups = love. The team over at IBM are dog lovers too! In fact, IBM Watson™ is working with veterinarians to help analyze over 100,000 pages of medical studies. And it doesn’t just analyze data, it’s designed to understand, reason, and learn — in a sense, to think.

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13. OK. Maybe not this one:


"Hey, 'sup? I'm just here...inconspicuously licking my if I maybe have some unfinished business with that sofa out there...which I clearly just attacked to protect you, Mom!"

IBM Watson™ takes in data in all forms — including unstructured — and understands it, learns from it, and reasons through it.

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It can help veterinarians recognize potential health problems early on, and work with pet owners from the get-go to keep their dogs healthy… How cool is that?