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Proof That Science Fantasy Is Becoming Reality

Ever wonder what it would be like to use the Force? Watch the Science and Star Wars series for an inside look at how the technology in our world and a galaxy far, far away may not be so different.

14 Reasons Why We Wish We Could Smell Through Our Phones

Why hasn't someone invented smell-o-vision already? You might not be able to smell through your phone just yet, but in the future your phone will be able to smell you. IBM's 5 in 5 predicts that within the next five years, computers will be able to smell you in order to determine whether you have various illnesses. Science!

25 Images That Will Leave You Totally Confused

What did we just see? If these images leave you scratching your head, there's no need to fear, IBM's 5 in 5 predicts that in five years computers will not only be able to look at images, but understand them.

10 Of The Most Unusual Foods That People Actually Eat

And you thought vegetables were bad. We might not fully understand right now why people around the world eat everything on this list, but IBM's 5 in 5 predicts that in five years, a computer system will know what you like to eat better than you do. A system that analyzes flavor will determine the precise chemical structure of food and why people like it.

13 Things Babies Are Secretly Trying To Tell You

Babies aren't just all about their googoos and gagas. Babies as young as six months can understand a wide range of words, and IBM's 5 in 5 predicts it won't be long before technology will be able to translate what they're saying in response. But in the mean time, here are some guesses as to what a few babies are trying to say.