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13 Modern Advances That Most Gamers Take For Granted

The future is now. As video games migrate to the cloud, we're getting faster speeds, easier access, and deeper experiences. IBM Cloud is working to power the next wave of gaming innovation.

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1. The processing speed of modern smartphones is on par with most consumer video game systems from a decade ago.


The speed and portability means you can now play games anywhere... and with anyone.

2. Anything less than fluid 3D graphics feels subpar.


Our parents were lucky if they had 4-bit graphics and a ball to bat back and forth for hours.

3. Portable games used to test our eyesight and dexterity.


And most of them were designed to only play one game.

4. Gone are the days of having to blow into malfunctioning game cartridges.


And gone, too, is the constant threat of scratching your precious game discs.

5. You don't have to drive to a 7-Eleven or a pizza parlor to get your game on.

War Games / MGM Studios / Via

The generation before you had to seek out the newest arcade games located in strange locations all over town.

6. The modern "save" button means you don't have to leave the game on overnight when you're trying to pass a tough level.


Unfortunately, you're still gonna need to beat that tough level eventually.

7. There's no more digging around trying to find the memory card with your saved game on it.


Now it's all on hard drives and ~the cloud~.

8. Handheld controllers are being threatened by motion control and touchscreens.


That means no more spilling soda on your controller and having sticky buttons, or having to use terrible off-brand controllers when you go over to your friend's house.

9. You don't need a ton of computer screens to create an immersive experience.

MetalGonza15 / CC BY / Via

Huge LCD-screen TVs are cheap, and the popularity of virtual reality systems like Oculus Rift is steadily growing.

10. Multiplayer games used to require bringing your physical computer over to a friend's house for a LAN party.


Today, it's easy to connect for high-speed gaming with anyone in the world.

11. And if you were having a LAN party, you usually needed a friend whose parents had a big basement.

It was much more social, but also a little hot and cramped.
agiamba / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: taudiophile

It was much more social, but also a little hot and cramped.

12. The explosion of online gaming forums means you don't have to wait weeks to get a magazine that will teach you how to pass a tough level.


Or worse, be forced to go talk to the weird brother of your friend who lives down the street.

13. There's no more screaming at your friends, "DONT LOOK AT MY SCREEN!!"

Golden Eye / Nintendo / Via

Most modern multiplayer games are played on your own screen via the cloud.

If the gamers of the '90s could see what we're doing today, they would lose their marbles.

Gab H. / CC BY / Via

And this is just the beginning. Get ready for a lot more as IBM Cloud improves the gaming experience.

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