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Top Ten Doctor Who Characters We Need To See Again

Because wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

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9. Jenny / Via

She was a one off character--but, she's a freakin' Time Lord! She was made from The Doctor's DNA using a progenation machine (yes, I had to look up what they were actually called) in the episode The Doctor's Daughter. She was adorable and her death was sadder than most deaths of one off characters. But, TWIST, she survived and went out to explore the universe. Fun fact: the actress who played her, Georgia Moffet, is the daughter of Peter Davison, who played the fifth doctor, and is married to David Tennant , who played everyone's favorite doctor.

7. Rose Tyler / Via

Beating a dead horse named Rose Tyler. I don't care. I felt cheated that Billie Piper appeared in the 50th Anniversary episode but just not quite as Rose Tyler. I wouldn't mind having The Doctor see her in her own universe living out a happy life. Or somehow time traveling and seeing her from back in the day. Couldn't they just do a Men in Black memory wipe kinda thing to get Past Rose to forget meeting Present Doctor? They did it in Torchwood all the time.

6. Sarah Jane Smith

Yes, the actress who played her has passed away. This needs to be addressed. So, while I don't want to see some weird CGI Sarah Jane Smith, I'd like to see her passing addressed. Maybe in the same fashion they address the actor who played The Brigadier, Nicholas Courtney, passing away. Have Sarah Jane's son call The Doctor or something. Or have him attend a funeral. Something.

5. Gwen Cooper / Via

While she's not technically a Doctor Who character, she was the best thing about Torchwood. She's tough, sassy and smart. She also can shoot at a helicopter effortlessly while holding her baby. I'd love to see her become a full-time companion or, at least, guest star in a few episodes.

3. Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax / Via

Quite possibly the best side character in the Who-universe that have never appeared in the main credits. They are a really great comedic trio who are also incredibly helpful in a fight. Also also, Vastra and Jenny are one of the best LGBTQ couples currently on TV. I'd watch a spin-off of them. I hope to see them encounter the new Doctor. And yes, they count as one person because I don't want to see one of them without the others.

2. Captain Jack Harkness / Via

Who doesn't love Captain Jack? He's an absolute delight. He keeps The Doctor on his toes and is good in a fight. Torchwood was okay, but he was much more fun on Doctor Who. His appearance in season one is when I really started loving the show. I had always hoped to see him with Amy and Rory--he definitely would have tried to bed both of them. I mean, to be fair, I probably would have too.

1. Donna Noble / Via

She was a polarizing companion. People hate or love her. I, of course, love her. She's one of the few companions who wasn't trying to jump in bed with The Doctor. She's doesn't take any crap from anyone--let alone from The Doctor. She had a pretty terrible ending. Even if the only way to bring her back is to have her remember everything and die saving the world--that seems like a better ending to her character's story then her current one which is "saved the world, forgot about it and got married."

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