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10 LGBT Superheroes Who Deserve To Be On The Big Screen

Representation: it's important.

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9. Graymalkin: / Via

A very underused X-Man who has a tragic origin story—his father beats him and buries him alive when he discovers Graymalkin (then a teenager) with another boy. Being buried alive somehow activated his mutant powers and he was dug up, alive, some 200 years later.

8. Karma: / Via

I want a movie based on New Mutants more than any other X-Men spin-off. Karma is a lesbian mutant who can take possession of people through a form of mind control and has vague telepathic abilities. Her, Dani Moonstar (my favorite), Cannonball (my crush) and Sunspot (my other crush) make up the rest of the usual line up. I think it’d be a great X-Men spin-off movie and she'd be someone who absolutely needed to be on the team.


7. Karolina Dean: / Via

A movie based on The Runaways is something I really need in my life. I’d also need them to include the really great lesbian couple of Karolina and Xavin. Although, Xavin is a skrull shapeshifter who turned into a woman—so, that might get a little sticky when trying to show it on the big screen. I'd be willing to part with Xavin as long as Karolina was still kept as a powerful lesbian member of The Runaways.

6. Anole: / Via

Another popular new-ish member of The X-Men. While having a fairly unfortunate sounding name, he’s adorable and a strong character. He'd make a great student in one of the X-Movies—he doesn't take himself too seriously and has a really great friendship (or bromance, if you will) with fellow mutant (and straight guy) Rockslide.

5. Rictor & Shatterstar: / Via

Shatterstar is bisexual and Rictor is gay. Shatterstar is overly sexual while Rictor is not. They were best friends who ended up falling in love. They’d better be in the rumored X-Force movie or I’ll…complain about it a lot on the internet. And yes, they count as one because I don't want one without the other.

3. Wiccan & Hulking: / Via

Fan favorites. They’re teens in love. I have a crush on Wiccan (and what gay comic book nerd doesn’t) and I’d really love to see such a well developed gay couple on the big screen. And again, I wouldn't want to see one without the other. And, I mean, who wouldn't want to see a Young Avengers movie?

2. Northstar: / Via

The original gay superhero. I don’t know that Alpha Flight would ever get made into a movie (but, who knows)—so, I’ll hope that one day he’s included in one of the X-movies. He is, after all, officially an X-Man. A married one, at that.

1. Apollo & Midnighter: / Via

Who are they you ask? The powerhouse gay couple from The Authority—one of lesser-known comics on this list. The Authority is a super violent and super well written comic. Apollo was Wildstorm’s version of Superman while Midnighter was their version of Batman. Now, however, most of the Wildstorm Universe lives in the DC universe after the event Flashpoint (or something). They still, however, remain the most badass couple on this list.

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