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17 Struggles Only People Whose Digestive System Hates Them Will Understand

Because everything is terrible and you probably have to poop about it.

1. The Going Out To Dinner With Your Friends Struggle

2. The Pizza Struggle

3. The Creamer Struggle

4. The Running Late Poop Struggle

5. The Surprise Dairy Struggle

6. The How Do I Still have Anything Left In Me Struggle

7. The Puke For No Reason Struggle

8. The Ice Cream Struggle

9. The Feelings of Having to Poop Struggle

10. The Struck By Lightning Struggle

11. The Taco Bell/Chipotle Struggle

12. The Stomach Noises Struggle

13. The Surprise Fart Struggle

14. The Constant Bathroom Use Struggle

15. The Caffeine Struggle

16. The I Can't Have Sex Right Now Struggle

17. The Safe Poop Space Struggle