18 Times "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Made You Ugly Cry

    Grab Mr. Pointy and some ice cream and get ready to cry.

    1. When Buffy finds her mother dead on the couch.

    2. When Anya walks down the aisle... alone.

    3. Tara getting shot by Warren.

    4. Angel getting his soul back, right before Buffy has to kill him.

    5. Buffy finally telling Spike she loves him.

    6. The speech Giles gives Buffy after she asks him to lie to her.

    7. The Scoobies standing up to Tara’s family.

    8. When Oz leaves.

    9. When Xander stops Willow from destroying the world.

    “The first day of kindergarten, you cried because you broke the yellow crayon and you were too afraid to tell anyone. You've come pretty far.”

    Why You’ll Cry: Because you have a lot of feelings, and even though he left Anya at the altar, you still love Xander’s relationship with Willow.

    How Long It’ll take You To Recover: Never. “Yellow crayon” will become a trigger phrase for you.

    10. Buffy and Angel’s last dance.

    11. Anya’s speech about Joyce’s death.

    12. When Buffy tells Giles she doesn’t want to die.

    13. When Buffy sacrifices herself to save Dawn.

    14. When Willow picks Tara over Oz.

    15. Anya becoming a casualty of war in the finale.

    16. When everyone leaves and Michelle Branch is playing.

    17. When Spike consoles Buffy instead of getting revenge on her.

    18. When Buffy receives her Class Protector award.