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    15 Of The Wildest Travel Stories That'll Make You Laugh Or Cry

    When you decide to strap on a backpack, you are essentially inviting all kinds of weirdness into your life. Here are Travel Bloggers' wildest, most incredible anecdotes from their time on the road.

    1. Speakeasy & Salsa - A Night Out in Quito

    2. When Things Go Bump In The Night

    3. That Time a Hippo Attacked Me in South Africa

    4. Hitting The Wall

    5. A Girl, a Photo and an Earthquake: An Astonishing Connection Over 20+ Years

    6. Triple Breakdown Mongolia

    7. I Was Accused of Being An Islamic State Spy

    8. Stranded In Istanbul During 2016 Military Coup

    9. Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

    10. Travelling High, Breathing Deep

    11. Hanging With Japanese Mafia Drinking Snake Juice

    12. The Time I Shat Myself In A Tibetan Monastery

    13. Put Up by a Porn Surfing Policeman

    14. Petting a Crocodile in Bangladesh

    15. Volunteering During The Ebola Crisis