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    12 Travel Blog Posts You Must Read Before Hitting The Road

    Whether you’re flying business class or strapping on a backpack, it would be wise to listen to the advice of the travellers who've been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Here are perhaps the most useful travel blog posts of all time.

    1. How To Cope With A Fear Of Flying

    I Am Aileen / Via

    Intrepid travel blogger ‘I Am Aileen’ has one of the most unfortunate fears for a travel blogger – A fear of flying. For many it prevents them from exploring the world but Aileen shares her own tips and tricks to help ease the worry of flying.

    2. Saving Up To Travel Doesn't Need To Be Hard

    Resfeber Travel Blog / Via

    If saving the funds needed to travel is too much of a daunting task, head over to Resfeber Travel Blog for some smart alternative thinking on how to get the cash together without any of the pain. It's either this or rob a bank, guys.

    3. How To Find The Cheapest Flight

    Johnny Jet / Via

    There isn’t a blog better at finding value for money in the skies than Johnny Jet. Here is the low down on how they go about finding the very best flights for next-to-nothing.

    4. The Ultimate Guide To Solo Female Travel

    The Blonde Abroad / Via

    Feeling a little intimidated by the open road is completely natural. Here, The Blonde Abroad explains how she has tackled the road successfully with her ultimate guide to travelling solo.

    5. Finding The Right Travel Insurance Policy

    Nomadic Matt / Via

    It's boring but it has to be done. You'll be glad you read this guide from Nomadic Matt if you find yourself abroad and in need of making a claim. Must stay awake and read post.

    6. How To Get Hotel Room Upgrades

    A View From The Wing / Via

    Is there any better feeling that getting something for nothing? You can experience that feeling a little more often with this guide from A View From The Wing.

    7. Dealing With Lost Luggage

    Silver Spoon / Via

    Avoid smelling terrible from wearing the same clothes for three days in a row with this guide from Silver Spoon, who had to wear the same sweaty dress for three days.

    8. How To Get A Flight Upgrade Without Paying For It

    The Luxury Travel Expert / Via

    Champagne taste, prosecco budget? Have you even boarded a plane, only to feel sick as you walk past the luxury seats towards the economy section? The Luxury Travel Expert can help you find a luxury seat for less.

    9. Understand The Tools And Resources Available

    Indie Traveller / Via

    There are so many guides, apps, websites and tools available to help you with your trip. This handy guide from Indie Traveller explains where they all are and what they all do.

    10. Safely Travelling With Kids

    Y Travel / Via

    Having kids doesn't need to mean the end of your life on the road, if you can stomach taking the screaming brats with you. Over at Y Travel they share their top tips for how to travel with kids and do it safely.

    11. How To Retire Early And Travel

    Retire Early And Travel / Via

    According to Retire Early And Travel, you have to start thinking about this now and follow these few handy steps if you want to spend your later years on the road.

    12. How To Make Money From Travelling

    Keep Calm And Travel / Via

    And finally... Once you hit the road, you can stay on it indefinitely if you can find a way to earn a little cash on the go. Here's how Keep Calm And Travel turned travelling into a profession through their blog.