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10 Questions Answered By A Unicorn

A witty interview with a young unicorn trying to find his way in the world and chronicling it on

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Doing Unicorn Things and Junk

DoYouEvenUnicorn is fast becoming one of the sexiest and more thought provoking Instagram accounts trending on the inter-webs. It a sexy hunk, "Doing Unicorn Things and Junk" usually in his skives that also makes some very interesting jabs at pop culture.

We took a moment to reach out to the owner of the page for a quick interview and we were pleasantly surprised with the depth of the subject.

1) What made you decide to start the Instagram page?

I'd love to say that it was the realization of an artistic dream or vision, but it was all very accidental. I gave my friend a horse head mask for her birthday and it was all kinds of fun so I decided to get myself one, and not wanting to be matchy-matchy, I went for the unicorn. A few sketchy photos in my lounge room in some new horse-print undies, (a loose tie-in to the unicorn head used as an excuse to post near-naked selfies), posted to my regular-person Instagram started it all, and pretty soon the only photos I were posting were unicorn pics, so the natural progression was to give him his own IG. And that has since evolved from my initial concept of a unicorn just doing everyday things like grocery shopping and dumpster diving, to a vastly more stylized and salacious vibe. And it's fun to be able to exhibit some sexual expression in a way that feels safe and comfortable.

2) Does the Unicorn Persona enable you to do the sexual exhibition you do? Or is this part of your normal personality?

I've always loved the idea of sexual exploration and liberation. I find it fascinating. But in the real world, I'm actually somewhat of an introvert and enjoy privacy, so the unicorn persona allows me to have fun with sexual taboo, and post things publicly that I wouldn't otherwise post in a public forum. In my private relationships I'm sexually liberated and open-minded, but I keep that between me and my friends or partner at the time, and the unicorn is very much a creative outlet for a starving artist, a way to express myself artistically albeit often with an emphasis on the titillating. So while it allows me to have fun and share things of a sexual nature, it's not a sexual outlet for me, so to speak. I think I got off topic, my bad! So I guess to answer your question, yes.

3) What makes you include the running social commentary on art, sex, drugs and taboo?

There are a million pages out there that are purely soft-porn and straight up nudity, or even beautifully executed artistic nudity, and that's great, I'm all for easily accessible nakedness! But I've always loved the unPC whether that be humor, sexuality or a jab at the state of society, so it was a natural progression to pair my photos with a pop-culture quote, inappropriate joke, or simply some social commentary on drugs or hookers or religion. I actually just had a post removed by IG, not for the nudity, but for an interpreted devaluation of the Anzac soldiers. But those soldiers fought for my right to get naked, so it was a respectful salute! A naked, respectful salute! Luckily one of my followers reposted the image to her page before it was taken down, so people can still check out the uncensored salute of nudity.

4) Where do you see this brand going in the future?

I really haven't thought about it, to be honest. The page always has and is just a form of artistic expression, a creative outlet, a hobby, with a solid pinch of good ol' fashioned narcissism thrown in, obviously). My real-world job is largely uncreative so the unicorn page has been brilliant to keep the creative juices flowing, and it's so great that people are enjoying the journey with me! I have no plans to "grow a brand" or market myself, but a few people have asked if I do t-shirts so who knows, maybe some Uni-merch could be a thing if enough people were interested. I'd be lying to say it wouldn't be a trip to walk down the street and pass someone wearing me on a t-shirt.

5) What's the creepiest moment you ever had engaging fans on the page?

It's so odd to think this page has "fans" from this wacky little experiment of creative narcissism, I haven't experienced any creepy moments, really! Sure, some of the comments or DMs I receive are, how should I say, explicit, but nothing stalker-esque. No one's asking for my home address or presenting legitimate marriage proposals. A couple of followers have been disgruntled when I declined to provide my Snapchat or Whatsapp details, but this is a page for fun and a cheap thrill or two. It's not a networking or dating tool. So while I love engaging fans on the page and even in some DMs, that's mostly where I like to draw the line. That seems appropriate and comfortable.

6) How do you make the magic happen with the shots, does the Unicorn have a Photographer Friend? What's the creative process really?

I take all the shots myself (apart from the occasional outdoor photo for logistical reasons) with my best pal, a timer camera app. I take a ton and then whittle them down and edit the shit out of them, I don't edit the image in terms of doctoring my body etc. but hey, I've watched Top Model, I've learnt my angles and how to use light and shadow to my advantage. Everything's photographed and edited on my iPhone so my apologies to everyone for the often grainy and fiercely amateur production values! The concepts are haphazard. They come from anywhere and everywhere. Something I pass on the street, a quote, an item of clothing. It's for this reason that sometimes I'll post like a crazy person, several shots a day, and other times there may be a week or more in-between. It's all about when creativity and inspiration strike. You can't force that stuff. It just happens naturally, like when you're drunk or have had too much coke. Sometimes the concepts work, sometimes they REALLY don't. I have loads of pictures from concepts that I thought were going to be epic, but they just didn't translate. Maybe I can make a B-side page?

7) Will you be using any other social media platforms soon?

I share my photos on my personal Facebook page, which I keep largely just for friends and acquaintances, but I don't have a specific Unicorn page. I have entertained the thought of starting a Twitter that would include the photos from IG, as well as some daily thoughts and humorous text, but I like the idea of the unicorn persona being predominantly visual, so people can imagine and add whatever they want to it. Like a building block for their own creativity and sexuality. And I suppose I could start a Tumblr as a few fans have suggested, but it would be an exact replication of my Instagram, it wouldn't bring anything new to the table, plus additional effort to manage and boo to effort.

8) Will we be seeing any more mythological Unicorn Friends?

While not mythical, my good friend Hortence the horse and I have some shoots planned. Some really fun concepts that I'm really excited to set up and shoot, so stay tuned for those. And I'm in awe of the artistry behind drag queens and gender bending queer cabaret and burlesque, so I'd love to do some shoots with folk in that field (I've received offers, but all from abroad - I need to get my ass to New York STAT!). But other than that, I'm largely a lone ranger and like creative control, or maybe I just like the limelight, so I feel the page will remain predominantly a solo act with guest appearances dappled throughout. That said, never say never, I'm always open to suggestions.

9) What's one of the more touching fan moments you have had with this page?

They're actually quite regular, which is bloody lovely. People thanking me for the page as it makes them smile and brightens their day. One kid in particular was struggling with a lot of things, and said that while most of his days are bad, the posts on my page help to brighten things just enough to not give up. That definitely gave me a case of the warm and fuzzies. And while I absolutely play on and promote sexuality, for me the page is predominantly about creative expression (not to sound cliché) so when I receive messages from people that love a particular concept or the artistic side of it all, it's an especially great feeling. Not to disregard my followers that come for the T & A, they're amazing! I've always battled with body image and low self-confidence; so to have people enjoy the physicality displayed in the posts, well, fuck yeah!

10) Do any of your close family and friends know about this? If yes what is their reaction?

Absolutely! As mentioned I post all the photos to my Facebook, and most of my friends follow my unicorn page on Instagram as well, so they're very well aware. I always make jokes about being a faux-slutty online unicorn, even in the office, so it's definitely not a secret. I think there's an equal mix of love, and turning a blind eye for those friends that are somewhat more conventional, let's say. I think my big brother chooses not to address the topic. My parents are an adorable little couple that appear to have been plucked right out of the 1950s, and are not on "The Facebook" so they are blissfully unaware. While some of the shots may be a little too illicit for them and not their cup of tea specifically (my dad is practically a real-life Ned Flanders sans moustache), they've always been supportive of my creativity and encouraged it, so I'm sure they'd quietly be proud but wish that I'd cover up a little more.

Well there you have it! A rather up close and personal interview with a rather dashing Unicorn! We encourage you to follow him on Instagram, you will not disappointed. Now we have to ask, Do you even Unicorn? We do! We do.


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