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    10 Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Quick Makeover

    When your budget is tight it can be hard to give your kitchen a complete makeover. These 10 tips will give you some ideas for a quick makeover. If your looking for more ideas go to MyReno411

    1. Inside of the cabinets and drawers

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    The outside of your cabinet may be beautiful. Now take a look at the inside. Put a little effort into painting the insides. Why not try adding a different colour inside for a fun affect.

    2. Create a theme

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    This is a great opportunity to theme your kitchen. Use colour, decals, stencils… You can have so much fun!

    3. Replace with shelves

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    Take some cabinets down and replace with shelves.

    4. Chalk Board


    Use chalk board paint to create a family board on the outside of one of your cabinets.

    5. Take the doors off and open them up

    Apartment Therapy / Via

    Open cabinets are a big trend right now. Take the doors off, paint the inside and have your beautiful dish wear on show.

    6. Add a rack

    Better Homes and Gardens / Via

    Open up one of the cabinets and add racks, be it a wine rack, a plate rack or cup rack.

    7. Add Lighting


    Add lighting underneath your cabinets to add a modern feel.

    8. New Doors

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    If you don’t have the budget to replace your whole cabinet then just replace the doors with new ones for a fresh look.

    9. Paint

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    Give your cabinets a facelift by sanding them down and painting, or adding new varnish. You could get really fun with this and go colourful!

    10. Handles

    MyReno411 / Via

    Sprucing up your cabinets can be as simple as added new handles. You’ll be surprised by how much of a different a little handle can make.