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    • ipagn28

      I’m sorry you read it that way. I think you might have misunderstood my point. While I was trying to say that there is actually a really extensive and complicate web of transit options in the LA Area (the point about Transit), I was also trying to say that people should get over their privileged position demonstrated by the car bias of a lot of people in the city. That’s why I said, in the Privilege section, that you could only say that Nobody Walks/Takes Transit if you think that only people with the means to buy and operate a car are people. That sounds like the situation you’re describing.  In regards to my own car ownership, I have been fortunate to typically have a car available to me. Until I was 24, I would drive my mother to work in her car so I could use it to go to work when I was doing contract work, and my wife and I do own a car now. When I went to more permanent work, I use to base my live and work locations around maximizing my own transit, but I lived in North Hollywood near the transit hub and worked downtown, which made it very easy. We later moved to Echo Park and I would walk Downtown and use the 2 or 4 bus on Sunset. I consider myself a transit activist, though I’ve not gone as far as to join the Bus Rider’s Union.  Anyway, sorry you took offence.

    • ipagn28

      Actually, I was born in and Tarzana, raised in Van Nuys, and went to high school in North Hollywood. I’ve lived away a bit, and moved to Echo Park at one point, but mainly lived in zips 91601 and 91405.  I didn’t say the Valley lacked cultural facilities, I was saying it had fewer. Until the VPAC open on the CSUN campus a couple years ago, there wasn’t a Music Center/MIracle Mile/Downtown Arts District/UCLA-adjacent type major facility. North Hollywood has really change in just the last 5 years… even 2, but the art district struggled for 15 years (since being named in 92).  Though you did have theatres like the Falcon, El Portal, Madrid, and many tiny others. And you have always had some galleries. It’s really been recent that the valley has come into it’s own.  But I will give you that with the former La Ve Lee, Charlie O’s and many others, the music scene, especially jazz, in the Valley has been criminally underrated for decades.

    • ipagn28

      Thanks for the correction, I recently moved from Los Angeles after 30 years (since birth) for a job in Canada. My new work supplied computer keeps adding “u”s into everything.  I’m not sure the issue you’re pointing out with the way I labeled the 405 and the San Diego Freeway. Maybe I phrased it oddly. The San Diego Freeway starts as the 5 in the south at the 94 until, going north, the 405 branches off in Irvine. As you continue North, the 405 is the San Diego Freeway and the 5 becomes the Santa Ana Freeway until it becomes the Golden State Freeway North of downtown LA.  SEE! That’s the whole reason the names get confusing and it’s easier just to say THE 5 or THE 405 rather than trying to be exact. :) BTW Born and Raised in the Valley (Van Nuys) and Echo Park.

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