The 15 Cutest Ants You Ever Need To See In Your Life That Will Blow Your Mind FOREVER

They just cANT even!

1. Ant believe ant can fly! Ant believe ant can touch the sky!

2. “I’m serious, get this water off my head!”

LOLZ, you lil’ rascal.

3. Mr. Demille, this ant is READY for his close-up! Smile for the camera, buddy!


4. “Ah geez! Can’t a fella eat in private?!”

5. “Look at us! Going on a trip! Hold onto your hats, ‘cuz it’s gonna be a wiiiiiild ant ride!”

6. Little ant-sized jello shots! C’mon ants, stop getting so drunk all the time! You’re embarrassing yourselves!

Btw, easiest sobriety test ever. “Excuse me sir, can I see your belly?”

7. I mean, seriously. Put down the bottle. Look what you’ve become.

8. “From the day we arrive on the planet. And blinking, step into the sun. There’s more to see than can ever been seen. More to do that can ever be done!”

9. “Ladies, get on top of the log so I can show you how FUCKING RIPPED I AM!”

We get it, ants are super strong. Get a load of this show off.

11. Here we see the first signs of burgeoning ant love. These two lovers share their first drop of dew.

I Fucking Love Science (that I just made up)!

12. Awwwww! Love muffins!

14. Teamwork, guys! Go get ‘em!

15. Bow down to your God, Antfolk!

16. Or wait…Shit.

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