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Can Hypnotherapy Derby Help You?

About us: We are a leading clinical hypnotherapy practice for Derby and beyond. We have featured on BBC radio and local mental health magazines. We are fully insured, members of both the CNHC and NCH and offer a confidential professional service. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to treat all kinds of problems, so if you are unsure if hypnotherapy Derby can help you then get in touch, or telephone for a free consultation and we will be happy to advise. We also offer weekend and evening appointments, and FREE consultations so if you have any questions- do not hesitate to get in touch and i will answer your queries personally.

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Hypnotherapy Derbyshire Clinic Entrance

Hypnotherapy is not what most people think it is. It is NOT -sleep, put on, dangerous, nor can you get stuck in trance. Hypnotherapy IS safe and effective and can help you transform your life to something maybe you have always wished you could be like. Let me assure you, form both private and work experience that you can change! You can become a much better version of yourself, even a different you.


You can train your brain into a completely different way of thinking, your brain is malleable- its called neuroplasticity. It is the brains ability to change its structure and thi has been scientifically proven countless times already.

Using this principle and other i have helped countless clients change so many problems, that they soon forget they even had them. Weight Loss and hypnosis for smoking are 2 common treatments but anxiety and stress probably take the larger part of the remainder (in 1 form or another).

If you want to know more just get in touch, im always happy to help.

Call 07428 590066 or 0800 411 8650

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Wikipedia definition of neuroplasticity

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