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    31 Things From Target That’ll Keep You Warm But Stylish All Winter

    The weather might be cooling down but your style is still going to be fire.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A basic black peacoat that'll elevate your look without overshadowing your inner queen vibez. A closet staple that will *hopefully* make it through 2020 so that you can wear it every winter.

    A short black coat with buttons paired with cheetah pants.

    2. A sweater knit headband for the days your want your ears to be warm but you want to show off your good hair day or new hairdo.

    Pink knit head band

    3. A lightweight topper that will add an extra layer of warmth to your outfit. Layers are not just appreciated on cake, they look great on you too.

    A fuzzy camel colored kimono  paired with basic khaki pants and a white shirt.

    4. A velvet ruched bodycon dress sure to make a statement at your next work Zoom holiday party. Get ready to copy and paste the link in the chat box because everyone will be asking you for this look.

    A  short black dress paired with python combat boots.

    5. A ruffle sweater that'll add an effortless fashionista flair to your 'fit and keep you warm. Don't worry we already know you have style, this sweater just confirms it.

    A lavender ruffle sweater paired with jeans and sneakers.

    6. A knitted cape with super cute fringe that you can drape over your outfit. We know you have a lot on your shoulders right now — adding something cozy and cute will feel lovely...promise.

    A gray knit poncho with fringe on the bottom.

    7. A velvet A-line dress so that you can *sleigh* the holidays since Santa can only make it on FaceTime this year. This plush fabric is even suitable for the North may catch Mrs. Claus stealing your style.

    A yellow short sleeve midi dress with a three-tier skirt.

    8. An oversized leopard print scarf because Carole Baskin can have all the tiger print in the world. You are here to advocate for the leopards and stay warm.

    A black and brown scarf that is tied

    9. A long-sleeve T-shirt dress with a little bit of drama in the arms. Now everyone will know all the stylish, but comfortable tricks you have up your fashionable puff sleeves.

    A mustard long sleeve shirt dress with puff sleeves paired with sandals.

    10. A knit beanie with a super chic pom-pom, because cute hats are not just for bad hair days. Regardless of what mood your hair is in, you can look cute and keep your head and ears warm all at the same time.

    Burnt orange beanie

    11. A knee-length overcoat that can level up your basic winter outfit at any time of day. You can run errands, walk your dog, really anything, and still look like you're flexing designer.

    A belted antique wood jacket paired with brown plaid pants.

    12. A printed cardigan with a '70s vintage look to boost your engagement on social media. Don't be surprised if your comments section is filled with your friends and their moms asking you where they can get the same cozy sweater.

    A buttoned off-white sweater with a black triangular pattern paired with mustard yellow pants.

    13. A plush robe that's soft, comfortable, and sure to keep you warm while checking the mail, looking for Santa, or just chillaxing around the house.

    A long sleeve knee length burgundy robe.

    14. A jean jacket with a sherpa collar perfect for any season because it brings the perfect amount of *heat* without compromising your personal style or body temperature.

    A blue jean jacket with a furry collar paired with white pants.

    15. A pair of cable sweater tights for the days it's cold but also mandatory to come into the office. Don't worry, you don't have to shave, just show up.

    Gray sweater textured tights.

    16. An animal print blouse with long sleeves to keep you warm even when you take off your jacket. Did I also mention animal print is essentially a basic nowadays?

    A brown and black leopard blouse with extra fabric hanging

    17. A pair of knee-high boots because winter is coming and you have to be prepared in style. These boots will have Khaleesi wondering where she can get the same ones.

    Dark camel colored knee high boots with black sole.

    18. A pair of leather leggings for the days you have to wear pants because the wind chill is low (whatever that means) but you are tired of basic leggings and jeans.

    Burgundy leather leggings paired with t-shirt and cheetah shoes

    19. A pair of faux fur mules because socks are overrated and they get lost in the laundry, anyway. The *sole* purpose of wearing shoes is to keep your feet warm and protected...right?

    Python textured mules with off-white fur on the inside

    20. A pair of mid-rise joggers so versatile that you can practically go anywhere in them without feeling like people are judging your look.

    Mustard colored jogger pants paired with open toe python heels

    21. A houndstooth blouse because Cruella Deville doesn't want to leave the house during these times, so she left this winter look for you. You can pair this with those edgy leather leggings you have been scared to wear.

    Black and white blouse paired with leather belted pants.

    22. A pair of tech gloves great for the days you need to run errands. You can send texts, make calls, and comment on social media without worrying about getting frostbite.

    Hot pink gloves with dark pink colored finger tips

    23. A puff sleeve printed top so eye-catching that everyone will forget how cold it is outside and keep complimenting your outfit. You can tell everyone it's not designer but they won't believe you.

    Black long sleeve top with circular gold pattern paired with high waisted mustard colored pants

    24. A pair of adjustable ankle-length pants perfect for lounging, drinking hot chocolate, or running around the city. Pair with your favorite mules to spice up your look.

    Black and white pants paired with off-white short sleeve shirt and off-white mules.

    25. A pair of leather combat boots because your are ready to brace any literal or figurative *storm* that comes your way. Even if you're battling a blizzard, you can be cozy and cute doing it.

    Short brown boots with laces. Sole is black.

    26. A faux fur jacket *fur* those days you want to serve your looks to the world. This jacket will heat up any basic look.

    Light beige jacket that is knee length. Model is wearing jeans, white tank, and black combat boots.

    27. A cozy duster cardigan that will help warm you up to the idea of seeing annoying family members. Remember that ugly blouse your aunt gave you last year, throw this duster over it and make a statement.

    Camel colored Knitted duster that is knee length. Paired with high waited pants and white blouse.

    28. A long-sleeve sweater dress with a cute bowtie for those cold days you are feeling yourself. Pair with your favorite knee-high boots if you want to feel your toes after, though.

    Polka dot dress with black bow across the waist. Paired with black heels.

    29. A Christmas headband to show everyone that they can get into the holiday spirit even though this year has been rough.

    Green headband with red bow. Jingle bell also hanging from the bow.

    30. A stylish wrap coat that'll have people wondering what you have underneath. Little do they know you are running to the store and you are wearing your joggers....but no one has to know.

    Basic grey jacket with black buttons. This look is paired with black boots and a navy dress.

    31. A balloon-sleeved jumpsuit so versatile, you can wear it to sleep or to the store. Great for days that are a little chilly and you need to crank up the heat.

    Orange cotton jumpsuit with a stitched waist. This is paired with open toe heels.

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