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    31 Gorgeous Dresses From Target That Just Might Become Your Go-To

    Beautiful dresses you'll keep styling, you might even catch yourself wearing them in your dreams.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A long-sleeve, army green turtleneck dress that will *serve* looks and a lot of different purposes in your closet.

    Model wearing the turtleneck dress with side slits

    2. A long-sleeve, patterned midi dress with a layered skirt that'll make getting ready for any occasion a piece of cake. Your other clothes will be in *tears* because they won't be getting any attention.

    Model wearing brown printed ruffled dress

    3. A snake-print slip dress with adjustable straps perfect for lounging around, going out on a date, or running errands. This dress will have you breaking hearts....not the bank though.

    A yellow slip dress

    4. A long-sleeve midi dress with an elastic waist, cinched cuffs, and a high neckline for the days you want to channel your inner Gossip Girl. You can be Blair or Serena, but that's a secret we'll never tell.

    Model wearing magenta midi dress with cinched waist

    5. A mini bodycon dress with adjustable ruched sides that will guarantee you more likes and comments on social media. You don't have to break the bank for this baddie look, but you will break the internet.

    Model wearing pink mini tie dye dress

    6. A long-sleeve dress with full-volume sleeves, a sweater-knit texture, and a soft crewneck that will have you wondering why you even have other clothes.

    Model in the burnt yellow dress

    7. A cute hem dress featuring accent ruffles that are an ode to all the chips you ate during quarantine. Don't worry, you are what you eat...a whole snack.

    Model wearing peach dress with 3/4 length bell sleeves

    8. A short-sleeve, maxi T-shirt dress for the days you *need* to be an adult and don't have a choice — you can dress this up by adding shoes, a belt, some accessories, or a cute jacket.

    Model wearing maxi t-shirt dress

    9. A floral print, long-sleeve wrap dress perfect for those socially distanced outdoor activities. You can literally do and be anything in this dress except uncomfortable.

    Model wearing dark lavender floral dress with hints of brown and white

    10. A cozy sweatshirt dress with two pockets — you can pair it with faux leather leggings for a dressy look or regular leggings for a more subtle vibe...but no one said you had to wear pants.

    Model wearing a gray sweatshirt dress

    11. A chic mini dress so universal that you can transition this piece into any season. Pair with your favorite white sneakers and silver hoop earrings for a more casual look.

    Model wearing floral mini dress with orange, red, and light blue flowers

    12. A long-sleeve, floral print ruffle dress that'll have you looking like a million dollars without spending it. Pair this with some booties or sandals depending on what the forecast says.

    Model wearing orange floral mini dress that has an orange background with white flowers

    13. A high-waisted dress with balloon sleeves so you can float around the city in your favorite heels or sandals *party-cularly* on the days you are really feeling yourself.

    Model wearing bright yellow midi dress

    14. A short-sleeve shirt dress with puff sleeves that'll easily layer with jackets, pullovers and cardigans (even from last season).

    Model wearing dark grey dress

    15. A sleeveless knit dress featuring a stylish V-neck because Kim Kardashian is not the only one that can make basic look bougie.

    Model wearing light pink tank dress

    16. A super cute mini dress that'll give you an effortless fashionista wrap to add a little spunk to your 'fit. Don't worry, your wallet will be happy.

    A pink wraparound dress

    17. A flirty floral short-sleeve dress sure to bring out your sweet personality that has been hiding in quarantine all winter long. Don't sugarcoat your style though, add some fierce booties to show everyone what's up.

    Model in the blue pink and red printed dress

    18. A tiered tank dress that's practical, comfortable, and sure to keep you stylish while checking the mail, hanging with friends, or just chillaxing around the house.

    Model wearing mini blue dress

    19. A basic long-sleeve dress with a brushed, rib-knit fabric sure to compliment your current wardrobe. Pair this dress with a cute beret to add a chic touch to your outfit.

    Model wearing ruffled orange dress

    20. A long sleeve, tiered mini dress with a flowy silhouette that will swiftly transition into next season's wardrobe. Show off your laidback style by pairing this dress with some white sneakers.

    Model wearing  long sleeve orange dress

    21. A printed slip dress with a square neckline that'll show everyone you are not playing when it comes to style in any *shape* or *form*. Just make sure to buy this dress in both colors, so you can get your point across.

    Model wearing  green slip dress

    22. A long sleeve T-shirt dress that is so versatile, you can wear it to sleep or to the store. Great for the days you have a lot on your plate (every day for me), and the only adult decision you want to make is what to eat for dinner.

    Model wearing navy striped long sleeve maxi dress

    23. A timeless, sleeveless dress featuring side slits to offer more room for movement. Basically great for any day because you are always making *moves*.

    Model wearing yellow tie-dye dress

    24. A peasant shift dress with a pleated waist, V-neckline, and flowy bottom that even Kylie Jenner will be asking you where she can get one. You may be seen at the store, in the neighborhood, or at a BBQ rocking this dress.

    Model wearing white dress with tassels

    25. A modern long-sleeve dress with high-volume sleeves, tapered cuffs, a gathered waist, and a scoop back. Pair with sandals for a cute outdoor party look or heels for a more sophisticated touch.

    Model wearing black dress with a yellow dotted pattern

    26. A basic rib-knit dress sure to be the next staple in your closet. Not only does it compliment your style but it will leave everyone speechless when you walk by. Great for the days you want to look cute but you're not in the mood to talk to people.

    Model wearing  purple spaghetti strap dress with side slit

    27. A boho chic, short-sleeve maxi dress because everyone needs that one Instagram-worthy dress they can wear everywhere just in case they get a cute shot.

    Model wearing the red printed dress

    28. A cute baby-doll mini dress that'll *blue* your mind on how versatile it is. Wear this with leggings, boots, sandals, tennis shoes, basically anything and everything.

    Model wearing light blue dress

    29. A charming button-down shirt dress made of soft, breathable fabric. Pair with your favorite booties and gold accessories for a girls' night out.

    Model wearing off-white button down shirt dress

    30. A long-sleeve sweater dress for the days you need to go into the office but you don't want to fight your coworkers over the thermostat. Your main goal is to be stylish and warm.

    Model wearing leopard mini dress

    31. A floral, mini long-sleeve dress made with soft fabric and a touch of spandex. Wear this to your office meetings so everyone thinks you are the boss.....oh wait nvm.

    Model wearing floral dress with orange, and yellow flowers laying on a black background

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