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    There Is A Company That Advertises On Bald Heads And It Is Awesome

    BaldLogo, a startup based in Austin, Texas is paving the way for a new kind of social marketing, something they call "Bald Advertising."

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    BaldLogo, a startup located in Austin, Texas is putting advertisements on bald heads. Is it normal? Probably not, but founder Brandon Chicotsky has gotten lots of media coverage on his quirky business. So what is it? For $320 a day, your business can purchase ad space on a bald head. Upon your command, your bald promoter now will go to an event of your choosing and make the rounds, promoting your brand. It's a weird idea, obviously, but it actually works.

    Even if you can't take it seriously, you have to hand it to the guys at BaldLogo, whatever they have cooking over there in the Lone Star State is attention-getting. Keep Austin Weird, right?

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