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    So We Thought Wrinkles The Clown Was A Joke.. We Were Wrong

    A few months ago a creepy video surfaced of a clown underneath a child's bed. We all thought it was fake, but alas Wrinkles The Clown is real and is roaming the streets of Florida... cause Florida isn't weird enough.

    The video that started it all..

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    We aren't sure if this is real or not.. but this is the video that started it all. Good luck trying to sleep tonight.

    Well its hasn't been Halloween for.. well almost a year now, but that hasn't stopped Wrinkles The Clown from popping up randomly all over Southwest Florida. Since last October there have been numerous reports of Wrinkles sightings from Sarasota to Naples, Florida

    The last reported sighting was in Downtown Ft. Myers, FL about a week ago. He was seen lurking in the shadows and waving at passerby's from a distance


    So yeah.. he advertises. We aren't quite sure what kind of services he provides, but we've heard that he does appearances at parties and there are also rumors that parents can hire him to stalk and taunt children if they are misbehaving. A modern day boogie man if you will. We've called a few times and he did answer once.. we didn't know what to say so we hung up. Every other time we tried to call back it went to voicemail.

    Krislin Kreis / Via

    Wrinkles has also been known to make an appearance at local carnivals and fairs. Local photographer Krislin Kreis spotted Wrinkles The Clown at the St. Elizabeth Seton fair while shooting photos for her portfolio. Armed with her 5D and 70-200mm lens, she decided to follow Wrinkles at a safe distance and see if she could snap a few pics. "He wandered around the fair, in the rain like a lost puppy... it was actually kind of sad. Looked like he just wanted to be a part of the festivities" said Kreis. After about 45 minutes of documenting him from afar, Wrinkles spotted her, gave her a wave and then disappeared into the night. This is one of the first photos she captured of him that evening, standing by the carousel.


    We aren't quite sure what makes Wrinkles tick... and frankly maybe it's better that way. At this point there are still more questions than answers, whatever the case may be, watch your back and make sure you check under the bed before you go to sleep.

    PS If you have a Wrinkles sighting, feel free to share your stories, vids and pics on this Google+ Page

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